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Online casino games in Belgium

We discuss the different types of online casino games offered on the A+ and B+ grade gambling sites in Belgium.

A+ are the casino websites and B+ are the arcade websites. Each have their own types of games of chance. For example, A+ licenses are allowed to offer Live Dealers online, but not the popular Dice games that we find in the 180 arcades in Belgium. We discuss all variants of Dicespinners , diceslots , online roulette , dice tournaments videopoker and many more online casino games

Casino games

Game suppliers of Belgian legal online casinos and arcades

this list will be further expanded and you can play demo games from these game providers on our website

A+ casino games and live dealer table games

We start by discussing the A+ casino games. Both the well-known slot games and the table games with live dealers. The television casino games are also viewed.

Video poker, blackjack, video slots .. you will find it all in our overview.

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Play Live Casino with Live Dealers

If you want to play Casino table games with Live Dealers in Belgium then you will definitely find what you are looking for on the A+ Casino websites. Not all A sites offer live casino games but as the popularity is high the others will soon follow.

Live online casino games:

Casino Live dealers

Live casino offer in Belgium on the online casino websites

Online roulette with Live Dealers

We’ll start with online roulette with Live dealers first. You play in the same way as if you were playing in a real casino.

Casino websites such as:

  • Bwin (A + 8085)
  • Ladbrokes (A + 8107)
  • Casino 777 (A + 8104)
  • Napoleon Games (A + 8110)
  • Circus (A + 20635)
  • Unibet (A + 8109)
  • Betway (A + 20000)

offer you the opportunity to play live roulette on different tables and at different stakes.

You can play both American and European Roulette.

Live online roulette

You can now play roulette against live dealers

Online Blackjack with Live Dealers

Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games, both online and in land-based casinos. The ability to play online against live dealers along with other players at one table makes the online blackjack experience almost the same as playing at the Brussels Casino.

Blackjack online casino

Blackjack with real dealers

Online Baccarat with Live Dealers

Online Baccarat is fairly new in Belgium but the online popularity of this game speaks volumes. Ever since online baccarat with live dealers made its way to Belgium, it has been difficult to find a free seat to play with. But the good news is that additional tables are becoming available soon.

Play baccarat online now

Baccarat against live dealers. Experience it now.

You can play live Baccarat on

Online Hold’em Poker with Live Dealers

We all know the most popular form among online poker Hold’em. Of course you can play poker against other players on many poker sites such as, but now also gives you the opportunity to play Hold’em against a Live Dealer.

Hold'em poker against live dealers

The famous poker game hold’em

Live Casino on TV thanks to is the first online casino in Belgium to offer the possibility to play roulette or Big Wheel Deluxe at home via your television.

Playing online casino games on your TV.. it’s a new thing on the Belgian television market.

live tv casino

Casino on TV in Belgium. Partouche brings it to you first.

How does it work?

1) Open your account and immediately receive €10.00 free with the code VEGAS5
2) Go to Club RTL* every evening at 00:00 to see the live broadcast

2) Appointment every evening from 1 a.m. on AB3* and at 10 p.m. on AB Shopping** to follow the broadcast live.

3) Play on your own computer together with other players and watch your bet and winnings appear instantly on TV.


Play ab casino and big wheel now

Big wheel and las vegas casino now on your television

With this broadcast, 100% live and interactive, you will be able to play and win as if you were in a real casino, but without leaving your living room.

On the program, 2 great casino classics:

The Big Wheel (Sunday to Friday)

52 segments and 7 betting options on the wheel and the opportunity for you to win 46 times your stake, or over 2000€ on each wheel launch.

Roulette (Saturday)

The star of the casino games awaits you every Saturday night to make you shudder and win thousands of euros. Bet on the right number and win 36 times your stake.


To take full advantage of the television broadcast, you will need to make a deposit into your account.

Slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack etc..

Online casino games that everyone knows ! If you are already familiar with the international casino websites then you probably know most of the video slots and video table games that most A+ casino websites offer.

The big difference now is that you can only play on the legal websites, which are supervised by the Belgian Gaming Commission. The payout percentage of the games is therefore higher than on the illegal market and you are assured of a correct payout. Let’s start with the slot games.

3D Slots and Video Slots

The A+ casino websites offer you a large arsenal of video slots and slots. You can play almost all types and shapes that you will find on the international casino market.

International hits like Jack Hammer , Monopoly plus , tomb raider , starburst and so many new slot games. You are sure to come across a favorite on sites like

The latest video slots

Play jack hammer and other slot games

Top video slots online

super progressive jackpot games like starburst

Cool slot games

Unique slot games in the a casino websites

Video poker, blackjack, roulette and other table games

If you don’t like playing against a live dealer or if you think the game is too slow, you can always switch to the video variants. The game is much faster and you have many jackpots and bonus games that you cannot find with the live dealer variants. An overview of the online casino games.

Online video roulettes

Roulette with jackpots

European and american roulettes with bonus games

Online video poker

Video poker for everyone

Play joker poker and deuces wild and win the best jackpots

Online Blackjack

Top blackjack games

Blackjack classic or multihand or bonus blackjack

Instant Games

Instant games come in many variants, but most of them are known as scratch games.

But also Keno, Hi Low and many other fun casino games.

instant casino games

Hi lo and many other cool instant scratch games

Bonus games

Take it or not

The game will propose your 5 choices in the form of Euros play points or mystery turns. You are free to accept or decline the performance.

mystery box

18 Mystery boxes, with different values ​​are available at the start of the game. Turn over several boxes and the banker will make you an offer.

TV Show

Choose a wheel. 6 wheels, six different risks. Go for the game points to increase your winnings or win some mystery turns.

Open the safe

Choose your suitcase. Discover the amount (points or mystery) on the inside. Then open the other lockers and you can see what was in the other lockers.

Dice of Fortune

Spin the wheel and see what you have won.


Same bonus as the mystery box, but with a Christmas atmosphere and the voice of Santa Claus, who will accompany you.

Ninja Quest

The bonus consists of a box set. When you scratch the same amount twice, you have won this amount. All winnings are yours.

Hotel Dicea

Choose male or female, then you can choose between two doors three times. Choose the right door to get to your partner and win multiple mystery turns.

Battleship Dice

Classic “Battleship”, the goal is to sink the largest number of ships with your 12 missiles. The more ships you sink, the bigger your bonus.


Place2bet wishes you good luck!

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

Place2bet Belgium