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The 10 best online casinos in Belgium

According to our experts, these are the best online casinos at the moment

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The best bookmakers

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Welcome to Place2bet, the place for the online casino player

Place2bet is an online casino review site, where you can learn everything about the online casino world in Belgium. Place2bet only discusses the Belgian legal online casinos and arcades that have been approved by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

Screened for you: the Belgian legal online casinos and arcades

At Place2bet we present all Belgian legal online casinos and arcades to you. In these online gambling havens, everything is done according to the letter of the law and you can be sure of a correct payout of your winnings.

Which online gambling sites can we find in Belgium?

In Belgium, there are two types of legal online gambling sites: the A+ casino websites and the B+ arcade websites.

A+ casino websites are either owned by a Belgian casino or the site cooperates with it. In our list below you will find an overview of all legal A+ casino websites in Belgium.

Online casinos in Belgium

There are 9 so-called A-plus licenses issued to offer casino or poker over the internet:

Thanks to a collaboration with one of the land-based casinos in Belgium, these providers have obtained an official license for offering online games of chance. They pay federal tax on the income from games of chance and ensure the protection of (possibly) addicted players.

Online arcades in Belgium

In addition to 9 so-called A+ licenses, there are also 180 so-called B+ licenses available for online slot machine arcades. These slot machine arcades must meet stricter conditions than online casinos with an A+ license.

For example, the average maximum hourly loss may only be 25 euros, they may not offer online slot machines and the maximum prize to be paid out may be 500 euros.

The Belgian government wants to reduce the number of slot machine arcades from 180 to 150.

Read our reviews about the legal online arcades here:

Super Game
Golden Vegas
Magic Wins
Napoleon Games

B+ arcade online gambling sites are therefore either owned by a physical arcade in Belgium or work closely with it. B+ gambling sites can therefore be seen as the online arcades.

The differences between A+ and a B+ online gambling site

The license you acquire as an online gambling site determines the conditions for the type of games that may be offered. For example, A+ licensed sites are allowed to work with live dealers, used in games such as live roulette, live Baccarat and live Black Jack. The popular dice games that we find in the 180 arcades in Belgium may not be offered by an A+ license. Poker can be done on a site with an A+ or a B+ license.

For sports betting, there is an F license. Online sports betting requires an F+ license. Belgium is currently inundated with sports betting websites, there are already more than 10 of them, with more on the way. Here you will find the entire list of F+ betting websites.

software providers

The online casinos and arcades also differ from each other. This is mainly due to the software supplier that supplies the games for the site. Each software vendor has a completely different suite of games available, which means that the games available at one casino can be very different from another. It takes a while to find the kind of games you like to play and to discover which software provider developed them. Once you’ve figured out which games you like the most, you can always return to this page and use the filter above to find trusted casinos that offer your favorite games.

Discover the many games developed by the various software providers specifically for online gambling sites through the links below:

The different gambling sites can also differ greatly in terms of languages, deposits and currencies offered. For the most part, online casinos today do a good job of supporting many of the most popular languages, but there are still times when you might be better off going to another site if your preferred language isn’t supported. The same goes for deposit methods and currencies. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider these things before making your final decision about where to play.

mobile offer

Finally, there are also still a few casinos that for whatever reason have made their games incompatible with most mobile devices. So if you are a mobile user who likes the chance to play your favorite games while at home or on the go, you should pay attention to the mobile offerings available from the various online gambling sites. In general, you can play games like iPhone slots and Android slots at most casinos these days, but it can still be a challenge to find a site to play BlackBerry slots or Windows phone slots.

The Belgian legislation for Belgian legal online casinos and arcades

The regulation and legislation for Belgian legal online casinos

In Belgium, the gambling legislation stipulates that the provision of games of chance, both physically in arcades and casinos and online, is subject to obtaining a license in advance from the Belgian Gaming Commission. Without a permit, they are in illegality and expose themselves to criminal prosecution and punishment.

In order to get a gambling website license, the Belgian online casino website must meet a number of conditions. For example, the owner of the website must enter into a partnership with a physical casino or arcade in Belgium. This concerns the casinos of Spa, Chaudfontaine, Namur (together with Pokerstars), Dinant (together with Partouche), Brussels, Knokke, Blankenberge (together with Unibet), Middelkerke and Ostend (together with bwin).

Furthermore, the web servers to which the players connect must also be located in Belgium. Furthermore, the domain of the website must have the .be tld. In order to obtain a licence, a file must be submitted and various conditions must be met: measures to protect socially disadvantaged groups, complaints handling and restrictions on advertising campaigns.

The access ban that the Gaming Commission can impose on problematic players also applies online. To realize this, anyone who wants to gamble on a licensed website must first register, for example via an eID reader.

The blacklist

Unregulated sites are placed on a blacklist and are made inaccessible by the Belgian internet providers. On the following link you will find a list of banned online gambling sites that are on the blacklist. Gambling on these websites is illegal and players who venture on such websites may expose themselves to prosecution. If the public prosecutor decides not to prosecute, or if the public prosecutor has not acted within 6 months, the Gaming Commission can itself impose administrative fines, both for organizers and for players. For players, the fines range from 26 euros to 25,000 euros, for organizers the fines can go up to 100,000 euros.

Very important for all Belgian online gamblers! Only play on legal Belgian online casino and arcade websites. Any non-Belgian gambling site is actually illegal! If you don’t want to take any risk, you can choose from every casino and arcade website on place2bet! We only discuss the legal online gambling sites in Belgium.

If you play on an illegal website, the Belgian court may prosecute you and confiscate your winnings. This was announced on February 27, 2014 by Peter Naessens, chairman of the Belgian Gaming Commission.

Council of State rules: Bonus prohibited!

Since March 1, 2020, it is forbidden for casinos to attract players with bonuses. This means that legal Belgian online casinos are no longer allowed to give away free money or free spins. First deposit bonuses are no longer allowed.

So the casinos are now trying to differentiate themselves in a different way by giving better quotas for certain sporting events or by offering exclusive games in the casino area. Tournaments are back, too. This applies to casino games, poker and sports. Some sites have other tournaments as well.

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