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Magic Betting casino offers its players a wide and extensive range of casino games and tournaments

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Magic Betting Casino: flashy, large selection and extremely popular

The History of Magic Betting Casino

Magic Betting Casino is a continuation of the once popular Magic Dice casino. Magic Dice’s physical arcades also got a new name: Circus. The online casino was renamed Magic Betting Casino. The online site is a collaboration between Magic Betting Casino and Max Lobo & Co BV, with license B+4097 from the Belgian Gaming Commission to operate the online and physical casino. The management’s home base is in Ternat.

Obtaining the license means that the casino must be able to guarantee a safe environment to the players. For example, players are given the option to set deposit limits. A player therefore determines the personal deposit limit that he wants to spend in the casino per week or per month. Other people can also request a deposit limit for a particular player. It is not possible to deposit more than the amount specified as the limit, this must be requested by the player.

Any request from a player to increase the limit must be reported by the casino to the Belgian Gaming Commission, which examines whether the player has sufficient capital to handle the requested increase. If the player is on the so-called ‘black list’, i.e. the list of defaulters registered with the Central Individual Credit Register, his application will not be approved in any case.

The Magic Betting Casino offer

Magic Betting Casino is known for its wide range of dice games. A frequently played game is The Slotfather, based on The Godfather, a well-known gangster film from the 1970s. Other game subjects that we often see are criminals and bank robbers, figures from Greek mythology and the fairytale world. The sections with the full range are on the Magic Betting Casino website in a clear crossbar. A player can therefore quickly click through to, for example, the tournaments, to the table games or the virtual games.


Players can find all tournaments organized at Magic Betting Casino in this section. With a single mouse click you can register for any of these tournaments. Extensive information about the tournament is also provided via a separate selection button. For this you must be registered and have a player account at the casino.

Magic Betting casino tournaments

New games

The ‘New Games’ section contains all the new games that Magic Betting Casino offers. This can be a dice game, a roulette game or a video slot.

Jackpot games

Those who would like to win a jackpot can navigate directly to the page where all Magic Betting Casino games are bundled with a jackpot. The offer is wide and is regularly updated.

Table games

Magic Betting Casino offers a number of variants of the classic table games. There is a choice between Triple Edge Poker and Oasis Poker, in addition to various Blackjack games and roulettes.

Virtual games

In this section, lovers of horse racing and racing with greyhounds can find a large number of virtual races. Extensive information is given with each match that should make it easier for the player to place a bet. In the races with the greyhounds, for example, it is indicated per dog what the results of previous competitions are. This way a player knows whether he is dealing with a topper or not and he can adjust his bet accordingly.

Top 10 Games

The most played games at Magic Betting Casino are bundled here

All games

This last category contains all the games that the casino offers to its players. All games are mixed up, so for less experienced players it is not so easy to see the wood for the trees.

The most famous game providers are represented at Magic Betting Casino. A player can also filter out the games of a specific provider via a button. For example, if you only want to see the games that were developed by AirDice, you can check this name in the selection menu.

A major asset at Magic Betting Casino is that a game can first be played in a demo version. At the start of the game, a player can choose between ‘play’ or ‘demo’. Of course, any winnings will not be paid out if you have played a demo version and won. There is also no need to bet ‘real’ money. Only players with a valid player account and sufficient money in their player account can play for money and cash out any winnings.

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Magic Betting Casino’s website

The home page of the site makes a busy impression with a crossbar showing flashing promotions across the full width of the screen. However, the navigation is well put together. Also new players will quickly find their way to the game they are looking for. In addition, the sections on the homepage already provide a first good direction for clicking through to a certain game or category of games.

Magic Betting sports betting has also developed an app so that players can bet or play a game anywhere and at any time. Magic Betting casino does not have a mobile app at the moment

The payment options at Magic Betting Casino

There are several options for making a deposit when you want to bet on a game. Players can make an online deposit with a bank card via Bancontact. It is prohibited by law to allow a player to play on credit. That is why you cannot pay with a credit card such as VISA in a legal casino. For making a financial transaction, only debit cards or bank transfers are allowed at Magic Betting Casino. So you can only pay with money that is actually in a bank account.

Withdrawals are made quickly at Magic Betting Casino. The amount won will be credited directly to the player’s account, with a maximum of 10,000 euros.

The bonuses offered by Magic Betting Casino

It is prohibited by Belgian law for an officially licensed casino to give bonuses to players. However, Magic Betting Casino has developed a well-thought-out ‘rating system’ that allows it to reward loyal players. Each player has a certain place in a ranking. This ranking lists all registered players of Magic Betting Casino. New players start at the very bottom of the list and start with an Apprentice level.

Each time a player places a bet, he receives a number of ‘experience points’ in return. When that player has collected a certain number of points, he can move on to a higher level. The number of points a player earns depends on the game category. A $5 bet on a dice game gives the player 30 experience points, while the same $5 bet on a table game only earns nine points. The ranking is made up of the following levels:

experience points
  • Level 1: Apprentice with 600 experience points
  • Level 2: Rookie with 1200 experience points
  • Level 3: Enthusiastic with 1800 experience points
  • Level 4: Insider with 2400 experience points
  • Level 5: Pro with 3000 experience points
  • Level 6: Expert with 6000 experience points
  • Level 7: All-Star with 30,000 experience points
  • Level 8: Legendary with 60,000 experience points
  • Level 9: Epic with 150,000 experience points
  • Level 10: Hall of Fame with 600,000 experience points

In addition to experience points, a player also receives loyalty points as soon as a bet is placed. These loyalty points can be exchanged for something from Magic Betting Casino’s online shop.

Loyalty Boost

The icing on the cake is the Loyalty Boost associated with each level. Each time a player places a bet, the loyalty points are multiplied by this value. The higher the level the player is on, the higher the boost:

  • Level 1: Apprentice: Loyalty Boost of 1x
  • Level 2: Rookie: Level Up price of 15 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1x
  • Level 3: Enthusiast: Level Up price of 30 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1x
  • Level 4: Insider: Level Up price of 45 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1.2x
  • Level 5: Pro: Level Up price of 60 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1.2x
  • Level 6: Expert: Level Up price of 100 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1.5x
  • Level 7: All-Star: Level Up price of 200 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1.5x
  • Level 8: Legendary: Level Up price of 1000 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 1.75x
  • Level 9: Epic: Level Up price of 2400 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 2x
  • Level 10: Hall of Fame: Level Up price of 6000 experience points and a Loyalty Boost of 3x

Important to mention with this reward system is the fact that a player must collect the predetermined number of points within thirty days in order to remain on the same level. If this fails, the player drops back to the previous level in the ranking.

Register at Magic Betting Casino

Every Belgian can register completely free of charge at Magic Betting Casino, provided that they can present a valid identity card, passport or driver’s license that proves that you are over 21 years old. To register, a personal player account must first be created. In the top right corner of the homepage you will find a gold-colored ‘register’ button that navigates you to an entry page. On this page you enter a number of personal details, such as your address, national register number and an e-mail address. You will also be asked to provide an email address. Magic Betting Casino will send you a confirmation email with an activation link after completing and forwarding the completed form. After activating your account you can immediately start playing.

Multiple accounts banned

It is prohibited for a player to have multiple accounts at the same online casino. The account is also strictly personal and may not be passed on or shared with another person. Players who violate this will be resolutely removed from Magic Betting Casino’s membership list. It also happens that an online casino freezes a fraudulent player’s account for a period of time, but in any case any attempted scam will be reported to the appropriate government authorities and legal action will be taken. The Belgian Gaming Commission monitors this closely, as a measure to prevent and combat gambling addiction.

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Limits at Magic Betting Casino

Those who have an official license are under strict supervision of the Gaming Commission. For example, these casinos are obliged to take a number of measures to protect players from developing a gambling addiction. Persons who already suffer from a gambling addiction are also protected by the strict regulations. For example, it is a must for a player to be able to set some limits for themselves when registering for the first time at an online casino.

  • Only one deposit limit possible to set at Magic Betting Casino
Time limit

A time limit indicates how many hours per day, per week or per month you wish to play.

Betting Limit

With this limit, you as a player indicate the maximum amount that you want to play per day, per week or per month at this specific online bet center.

In addition to setting certain limits, a player can also completely deny themselves access to the online casino. This can be done by registering in the so-called EPIS, the Excluded Persons Information System. A third person or the court may also request such exclusion if there is suspicion or evidence of gambling addiction. Persons within a certain professional category, such as a notary, a police officer or a civil servant, are automatically registered in EPIS.

In addition, betting providers who have an official license or who wish to apply for one are not allowed to admit players under the age of eighteen in any case. For an online casino and slot machine arcades, the minimum age is even 21 years, both for the online and for the physical arcades. Magic Betting Sport provides detailed information on the website about the possible help that people with a gambling addiction can get. They provide a number of options and also indicate which organizations they can turn to.

Magic Betting Casino Customer Service

Magic Betting Casino has a number of contact options. There is an online contact form and the email address of the helpdesk is listed under the terms and conditions. You can also chat live with an employee. In addition to these contact options, there is also a limited FAQ list that may provide an answer.

The complaints procedure is described in the general terms and conditions, again stating the e-mail address of the helpdesk. Complaints must be submitted within twenty-four hours of the end of the game. An extensive privacy statement is also included on the website. Players who wish to do so can read this statement under the ‘Policy’ tab.

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Progressive Jackpots Casinos

Progressive jackpots in Belgium

Almost every Belgian casino has progressive jackpot games in its arsenal and we list some of them.

  • – Has a multiple jackpot – Have a chance to win €25,000.
  • Casino – Progressive jackpot games – Among others Book of Myths and Mega Bars jackpot are at €3,000,000 at the time of writing this text.
  • – jackpot games – Super Wheels is at +- €10,000 and the 24k jackpot is at €13,000 at the time of this writing.
  • – Super heroes jackpot – More than €700,000 to win! Are you ready to take your chance?
  • – Win the jackpot on Circus! Do you dream of winning the jackpot? Then we have good news because on Circus you have numerous opportunities to hit the jackpot! Enjoy an even more intense gaming experience thanks to jackpots full of Mystery games or real money.
  • – Giant Jackpots in the Money Vault

Since January 1, 2011, sites that do not have a Belgian license are considered illegal. By playing on an illegal site you are committing a violation. The online site has a legal Belgian license B+ and F+. If you choose to play on the Magic Betting casino site, you benefit from the protection offered by the Belgian Gaming Commission, such as the control on the limitation of the hourly loss and the redistribution of your bets.

Magic Betting casino wants the players to enjoy the game in the first place, but we also want to point out that irresponsible gambling can cause problems. You do not become addicted to gambling overnight. In any case, gambling will never solve your financial, family or other problems.

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