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Zeturf horse betting Belgium

ZEturf, the world’s second largest horse racing provider

History of ZEturf horse betting

Horse racing betting has long been popular and has its origins in Greek and Roman times. Even then there was a lot of effort in exciting competitions in which riders tried to get their horses across the finish line as quickly as possible, and preferably first. The reason for the great popularity of horse racing betting is not immediately clear. Maybe because a horse race is short and sweet, and players don’t have to wait as long for the final result as in a football match, for example. The rush players feel at a horse race is short, but powerful.

The atmosphere that prevails on the racecourses is also unique to say the least. Equestrian sports are often linked to the beau monde because of the society events that are organized worldwide. The world of equestrian sport is also extremely competitive and the focus is strongly on performance. ZEturf is cleverly capitalizing on the success of horse racing.

ZEturf was founded by the French Emmanuel de Rohan Chabot and was originally intended as an information channel for equestrian enthusiasts. Due to its great success, the site was converted into an online gambling website exclusively for horse racing. By setting up this online betting office, Emmanuel de Rohan Chabot took a big risk. He has to compete against the PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain), which has a monopoly position in horse racing on the French market. Step by step, ZEturf is strengthening its position on the international horse racing market. For example, it took over the Dutch RunnerZ in June 2017, which means that ZEturf can and may also offer horse racing in the Netherlands.

By acquiring official licenses in a number of countries, ZEturf guarantees a safe playing environment. Their website includes a link where players with a gambling addiction, or with a tendency to develop one, can get information and help. There is a section where information can be read and where you can also do a self-test. In addition, online help is provided. Players with a gambling addiction can follow an online support program that they either go through themselves or through an online counseling program.

In addition, ZEturf strictly checks the identity of every new applicant for an account. They are also legally obliged to do so. A player must be over the age of 18 and must not be a resident of a country where horse racing gambling is prohibited. Specifically, this concerns the United States, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Yemen, China, the republics of Trinidad & Tobago and Vanuatu, Iran, Syria, Israel, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Serbia, Iraq and Ethiopia.

Aanbod van ZEturf paardenwedden

ZEturf is the second largest horse racing provider worldwide. So if you only want to bet on a horse race and don’t want to bet on other sports betting, ZEturf is definitely in the right place.

Almost continuously there are races that start on the site of ZEturf. So you can bet on different horse races all day long, as it were. The betting options themselves are, to say the least, extensive. All types of horse racing are covered and are divided into different categories:

Running flat track

The principle of flat track running is simple: a number of horses run a certain distance on a track. The horse that crosses the finish line first wins the race. So it’s purely about which horse is the fastest in the race.

The discipline of flat track racing is the most prestigious and is also the genre of horse racing where the most money can be made. Flat track running is usually linked to luxurious society events, where there is busy strolling and partying. Britain’s Royal Ascot is the most famous horse racing event worldwide.

Running within the flat track, there are four types of races that players can bet on:

  • Handicap race

Each horse is assigned a ‘disability’, a sort of ranking. The better the horse has performed in the past, the more severe this handicap will be.

  • Stakes race

In a stakes race, a certain amount of starting money must be paid. Usually this is a large, prestigious competition where the owner has to make a serious investment and take a lot of risk. The prize pool that you can win with a stakes race is therefore not bad.

  • Allowiance race

An allowiance race goes one step further than the handicap race. The handicaps assigned to the horses are linked to criteria such as gender, performance, age. For example, you can bet on an allowiance race for veterans or for mares. There are many different options available.

  • Claiming race

Horses for sale can show their worth during a claiming race. Buyers can make an offer after the race on a horse they are interested in.

Steeple chase

As the name suggests, the intention is that in an obstacle race the horses have to defy certain obstacles, such as a ditch that they have to jump over. When running an obstacle, players have different betting options within, among other things, the clusters of foals, mares or stallions. These races usually take place between October and April. Also, the level of society in hurdle running is much less.

Chariot race

In a chariot race, the jockey does not sit on the horse’s back, but steers the horse from a two-wheeled one-person cart that is strung behind the horse.

The basis of betting on a horse race is actually somewhat similar to betting on a sports bet. The best horse gets the lowest odds and, in the event of a win, yields the least. Betting can be done in different ways:

To win

With a bet to win, you bet on one individual horse. When this horse is effectively the first to cross the finish line, you get a certain profit. If this is not the case, you will unfortunately lose the wagered amount. How high the amount will be in case of a win is difficult to predict in advance and depends on how many other players have bet on the same horse.

Each way (E/W)

Betting each way means that on the one hand you are going to bet on one specific horse, just like with bet to win, but on the other hand you also have a chance of additional winnings when the horse you have bet on also belongs to a predetermined top. With this type of bet you pay a double bet, but at the same time you also have a chance to win double. Keep in mind that the amount to be won will be much smaller than with a to win bet.


With a place bet you predict which horse will cross the finish line first or second. A lot safer than just betting on first place, but the amount you can win if you guess correctly is a lot lower. Here you have two options: place forecast and forecast. In a place forecast you choose two horses that will either be first or second. It doesn’t matter which horse finishes first and which horse finishes second. In a forecast bet you have to determine which horse will finish first and which horse will finish second.

Combining bets

The great advantage of betting on horse races is that you can endlessly combine with what the other players predict as the outcome. In addition to your own bet, you will, for example, bet on who will be second, third, fourth, … in the race. When you win the bet, your winnings will be much higher. On the other hand, the probability of profit will drop significantly.

Zeturf tv

Live betting at ZEturf

The live betting part of ZEturf is great! The images are of a high quality and the streaming is flawless. At ZEturf you can count on the previews and comments of expert analysts. Based on the information they provide, you can bet more accurately and with knowledge of the facts on the live races. Members of the VIP club of ZEturf also have access to even broader functionalities in the field of live streaming.

The odds at ZEturf

The best horse gets the lowest odds. The odds depend on the horse’s previous performance. ZEturf is known for launching odds that are very interesting, especially against the competing bookmakers.

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Promotions at ZEturf horse betting

Unfortunately, in Belgium it is prohibited by law to hand out promotions and bonuses, but in countries where this is allowed, ZEturf always works on the basis of a welcome bonus. This bonus consists of a first deposit bonus, linked to a cashback bonus. The first deposit bonus is awarded upon account application. Every euro is doubled by ZEturf, with a ceiling of 30 euros. The condition is that you are really a new customer and therefore do not yet have an account with ZEturf, not even under a different name or in the name of your wife, for example. The second bonus, the cashback bonus, is given when you actually make a wager within 30 days of your account being granted. You will receive a cashback of 10% on the total amount you have bet, also here with a maximum of 30 euros.

ZEturf also offers a loyalty program. Every time you play at ZEturf, you save points. You can gradually exchange these points for a higher position on the loyal member list. Anyone who regularly takes a gamble at ZEturf will soon gain access to the VIP club, which, as stated earlier, has additional functionalities when streaming live. You also get a so-called ‘personal VIP manager’ and when you have achieved a certain point score, you can convert it into extra play credit.

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The website of ZEturf

  • Create an account

Creating an account at ZEturf is easy and goes smoothly and quickly. The site clearly indicates what the steps are to follow.

  • The website itself

The website is built in black, white and red and is very busy. Banners with the new competitions slide by and an overload of small screens with ‘next races’, ‘clappers and jackpot’ makes the whole thing chaotic. However, the navigation of the website is well organized. Often it is enough to click on a tab to be immediately redirected to the correct page.

  • The app

The app can be downloaded perfectly via the app store of your mobile phone. You have the choice between ZEturf and ZEturf Live. The state-of-the-art technology that ZEturf has used to develop the app ensures that the app is perfectly suited for watching the matches on a small screen.

Payment options of ZEturf horse betting

To make a deposit, ZEturf offers a base of current payment options, such as iDEAL, VISA, Paypal, Paysafe and Skrill. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a deposit via more recent payment methods. Klarna and Trustly, for example, are not possible. The minimum amount that a player must deposit is 20 euros, which is quite high compared to other bookmakers. In addition, you pay extra transaction costs for every deposit below a hundred euros. This is also something that doesn’t happen often with the competition.

The payout of the winnings is a serious business point for ZEturf. Payout terms of more than a week are no exception. It is also the case that a player at ZEturf may have a maximum of 5,000 euros in play credit on the account. If this ceiling is exceeded, ZEturf will refund the excess to the player’s personal account.

Customer service at ZEturf horse betting

In addition to the long payout period, customer service is also something that ZEturf still needs some work on. The possibilities to contact customer service are there, but it takes too long before there is any response from ZEturf.

Customers can contact ZEturf for questions or complaints via an online form, via a live chat and also by telephone. An extensive FAQ list may already provide an answer to some of those questions. Structurally, there is actually nothing wrong with customer service, but with employees who do not (can) respond quickly enough or who do not have the necessary knowledge to be able to provide a satisfactory answer to the player’s question.

Place2bet wishes you good luck!

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

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Since January 1, 2011, sites that do not have a Belgian license are considered illegal. By playing on an illegal site you are therefore committing a violation. The online site www.zeturf.be has a legal Belgian license F+. If you choose to play on the ZEturf horse betting site, you benefit from the protection offered by the Belgian Gaming Commission, such as the control on the limitation of the hourly loss and the redistribution of your bets.

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