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Overview of all Belgian online Casinos

We give you an overview of the legal online casino websites in Belgium. The difference between the number of online casino websites and online arcade websites is very large. This is because Belgium is only allowed to offer an online gambling site if you own an offline casino or arcade yourself or cooperate with one of the two. This is quite unique in the world. The Belgian legislator and the Gaming Commission are forerunners in this. But with the result that there are a maximum of 8 (now 9 with casino websites and currently 25 online arcade websites. (There are 180 physical arcades in Belgium so the number of online arcade websites can still grow)

Online casino or online arcade

To explain the difference between the two, you should know that in terms of regulations, the Belgian online casino website must follow the offline casino or arcade. In other words, the games, game rules, hourly loss, payout percentages must completely match. You cannot play a dice game on any online casino website, but on an arcade website you will never be able to play roulette against a live dealer or croupier.. at an arcade everything is automated.. video roulette etc.

online casino blackjack met echte dealers

Both offline and online, the arcades are more popular than the so-called ‘real’ casinos. Online gambling sites don’t have it easy. closed its poker division in December 2013. Both offline and online. But they don’t all stick around. Casino websites such as casino777 , Unibet , Bwin and Betway have increased their range of casino games and live casino games against dealers. You can even play on television. The biggest asset is the Live Casino and the popular international video slot games.

Discover the online casino websites

Would you like to go to a Casino but don’t feel like jumping in the car and driving to the sea or Brussels? Well this is really not necessary anymore because online you get almost the same experience .. and more! Because online you can win big jackpots at different casino games. This is not possible in a real casino. There are also many more players online than offline so the chances of winning something are also greater online.

Play with pleasure and good luck on one of your favorite online casino games.

live online roulette casino

list of Belgian online A+ casino websites

  • Bwin (A + 8085)
  • Ladbrokes (A + 8107)
  • Casino 777 (A + 8104)
  • Napoleon Games (A + 8110)
  • Circus (A + 20635)
  • Unibet (A + 8109)
  • Betway (A + 20000)
  • Goldenpalace (A+424838)
  • Star Casino (A + 8112)

These providers, in collaboration with one of the real casinos in Belgium, have obtained an official license for offering online games of chance. They pay federal tax on the income from games of chance and ensure the protection of (possibly) addicted players.

Overview of all Belgian B+ online arcade websites

The online arcade is the favorite of the Belgians. You would think why not the online casinos?.. It largely has to do with 1 product. The ‘Dice Spinner’ and its 3 playing field version ‘Open the box’. These casino games have been dominating the Belgian arcade world for over 20 years, the Belgians love them.

Dice Spinner

Dice spinner isn’t just a game… it takes skill and skill. An experienced player will have a higher chance of winning, which you will only find on a game like live poker. With every other casino game it is purely coincidental, with the dice spinner and its many variants you have influence (to a limited extent) in the game.

Online arcades in Belgium


Games on the online arcade gambling sites

This type of games is one of the biggest causes that in Belgium the arcades and thus also the online arcade are a lot more popular than the off and online casinos. Some arcades have taken advantage of this and have invented their own variants of Dice Spinner type games. In the first place, of course, comes Napoleon Games, who have the rights to the original games that you can play in one of the 180 arcades in Belgium.

Dice spinner, Gold spinner, Open the Box and many other well-known games can only be found at Napoleongames.

In 2nd place, but certainly not of the least is GAMING1.

This developer of casino games works closely together with the online casino website The dice spinner variants that they are developing are very successful in Belgium. In terms of gameplay, it is very close to the original games, but they have many variants in bonus games and types of jackpots such as the mystery jackpot.

There are currently 10 online arcade websites with the same software from Produweb Gaming. The main ones are, Outside of these 2 big ones, there are some smaller sites that try to develop their own version of ‘Dice spinner’ type games, but few get it right.

At the time of writing, a new player has entered the Belgian market. with their new games Super Wheel’s and Wheel of Antwerp. In terms of gameplay, these dice games are not inferior to the original spinners from napoleongames and Produweb gaming. We are curious about their next dice games.

dice spinner

Difference payout percentages between an online arcade and online casino

Another big difference between an online casino and the online arcade is the payout percentage of the machines. The Dice type games have a legally required payout percentage of about 96.8%. This also applies to the Dice Slots. The video slots of online casinos usually dangle around 87%-92%.

The advantage of the online arcades is that Poker can also offer online sports betting if the right cooperation is done. The large online casinos therefore have a very difficult time competing with the arcades. has now also obtained an A-License and we assume that they will become the first website that will bring both casino games and arcade games together on 1 platform.

In any case, there is still a lot to happen in the Belgian online gambling world. Which shifts will continue.. Will the new arcade websites still stand a chance and if so, which ones? continues to monitor it all for you.

You can find a complete overview of all online arcades in Belgium on our review pages. Good luck :)

Place2bet wishes you good luck!

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.