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Online betting on a football event is best done with a known and reliable bookmaker!

It is important when betting on football to know that you can either place a bet in advance (pre-match) or bet live – in real time when the match is already underway. You should also keep the ‘cash-out’ option in mind when you want to bet on a football event.

cash out

Cash-out on football betting means that you can stop the bet at any time. For example, if you have gambled that the final score is 3-1 and during the sixtieth minute in the match this is also the effective score, then you can either follow the entire match (whereby you will be paid the full winnings if the final score is not always 3 -1) or you can stop the bet early and get a smaller winning amount.

types of bets when betting on football

There is a wide range of matches and competitions and many types of bets are also possible.

1×2 Bet

The easiest way to make a football bet – pre-match or live – is a 1×2 bet. Choose ‘1’ if you think the home team will win, ‘2’ if you think the away team will win and if you are convinced of a draw, choose ‘x’.

It seems easy, but there is some thought involved when betting on football. You can make a 1×2 bet for the full ninety minutes as well as for the first half.
It goes without saying that betting on the favorite team gives the best chance of winning, but keep in mind that the amount to be won will be lower, because just a lot of people will bet on this favorite and the pot will have to be among a lot of winners to be divided. Daredevils who bet on the underdog or perhaps a slightly safer draw often get higher winnings!

Also remember that during the first half a team often scans the other team and will play a bit more hesitantly than after the break. The chance of a goal is statistically much higher in the second half. Only betting on the first half gives a boost to the favorite club, which also increases your chance of winning, but is also a risk.

  • Also look at the playing behavior of both teams.
  • Are they evenly matched? .
  • How much have they scored in previous matches?

Please also note that a 1×2 bet on a cup match is only possible during regular time. Penalty kicks and overtime do not count.

Double Chance bet

A Double Chance bet is a ‘safer variant’ of the 1×2 bet where you do not bet on 1 possibility, but on 2 possible outcomes.

So you choose a ‘1’ and an ‘x’ when you bet on a home team win or a draw and you choose an ‘x’ and a ‘2’ when you want to bet on a draw or a win for the away team.

The chance of winning is doubled, but the amount to be won is also reduced at the same time.
A Double Chance bet can be useful when you are in doubt, for example because the top scorer of the favorite team is injured and does not play, which significantly reduces the chances of winning for that team.

Over/under bet

In an over/under bet, you are betting on whether less than 2 or more than 2 goals will be scored in a given match, both for the entire match and for a half. In addition, it is possible to bet only on the number of goals scored by one of the two teams.

Also with this type of bet it is best to inform yourself in advance about the recent playing behavior of the teams playing the match.

  • Are they teams that score a lot?
  • Will there be a top scorer?
  • Are there still things that could cause a lot, or just a little, to be scored?

Certain bookmakers also organize over/under bets on the number of corner kicks, the number of yellow and/or red cards, the number of penalties,… almost everything is possible when betting on football.

Draw no Bet Bet

Super simple: with a Draw no Bet bet you bet on either a loss or a profit. If the match ends in a draw, the wagered amount will be refunded in full. Here too it is possible to bet only on the first half. If the teams are tied at halftime, your bet will be refunded.

Booking Points Bet

With this bet you bet on the number of yellow and/or red cards that will be dealt during a certain match. You can also bet on which player, which team or in which half a card will be drawn.

In a Booking Points bet, a yellow card equals 10 points and a red card equals 25 points. With this bet you bet whether the total number of points is below or above an x ​​number of points.

Goal Bets

Goal bets can vary quite a bit. For example, you can bet on the team that will score first, which player will score first and also whether the first goal will fall within the first half hour of the match.

Some additional betting options:

  • No draw: the wagered amount will be refunded if no goals were scored.
  • Team Goals: Betting on the score of a certain team, whether it wins or loses the match, doesn’t matter.
  • Both teams to score: both teams must score, or not.
  • Next to score: in live betting you can bet in real time on the next goal.
  • Team to win to nil: bets on the team that will both win the match and keep 0 at the same time. This bet gives very high winnings, but a very small chance of winning.
  • Number of goals in one half: bets on the number of goals in the first and/or second half.

Corner Bets

There are also several options for this way of betting:

  • Number of corners in the match (over/under bet).
  • Which team will be awarded a corner.
  • In which half(s) is a corner awarded?

More than with other bets, a good knowledge of the teams playing the match can increase the chances of a good bet:

  • Does the team play offensively? Then the chance of a corner kick is much greater!
  • How many corner kicks have the respective teams been awarded in previous matches?
  • Does a team play at home or in a stadium unknown to them?

Half Time/Full Time Bet

With this bet you bet a certain amount on the halftime score and on the final score. Again, penalty kicks and overtime are not counted.

This form of betting requires some experience and a thorough knowledge of the teams playing, but offers many opportunities for a high profit.

Handicap Bet

A handicap bet, in which a (virtual) lead is given to a certain team, can be made in different variants.

For example, you can give one of the two teams a lead with a number of virtual goals, so that the opposing team will have to score a higher number of goals to effectively win the match.

Correct Score Bet

A more difficult type of bet, with a low chance of winning but with which you can also win high amounts at the same time, is the Correct Score Bet, where you predict the correct final score.

So you should not only indicate whether the home team or the away team will win, but also what the final score will be, for example 2-3 or 0-1.

Many players try to increase their chances of winning by competing for the prize pool with multiple results.

Even/Odd Bet

In an even/odd bet, you bet on “even” or “odd”, which can relate to different game variants:

  • Goals: total number of goals is even (e.g. 2-2)/odd (e.g. 2-1)
  • Cards: total number of yellow and/or red cards dealt is even/odd

Outrights Bets

If you see it feasible to make a prediction for an entire football season, then an outrights bet is ideal. Here too, various topics to bet on are proposed:

  • Who will be the champion of a certain competition?
  • Who will score the most goals?
  • Which team was awarded the most penalty kicks?

VAR bets

Since its introduction in 2018-2019, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has caused quite a stir, but immediately opened up new betting opportunities.

Fans of a gamble can bet on the time in the match when the VAR has to intervene, in the first or second half, for which team or which player and will there be a drawn card or a penalty kick?


Place2bet wishes you good luck!

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

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