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Bookmakers, also known as bookies or turf accountants, are individuals or organizations that offer various bets on a particular match, event or tournament.

A piece of history

Gambling is an age-old phenomenon. In the period around 40,000 BC people already played games with sheep bones.

At the time of the Romans, sheep bones were no longer used, but numerous dice games with real dice were invented. The first lotteries also have their origin in this era. The Romans were the first people to consciously link a bet to a specific sport, namely horse racing.

In these horse races, the jockey stood on a cart to drive the four horses.

These matches were loved by the general public, who were only too happy to wager their money in the hope of reaping as much profit as possible. Bets could be placed in specially designed spots around and also in the stadium, with people who can be seen as the forerunner of today’s bookmakers.


The classic Roman horse racing gradually evolved into horse racing as we know it today.

Horse races were especially popular in England, and they still are. More and more shrewd businessmen acted as intermediaries between the race organizers and the public.

The profession of bookmaker was born!

The profession of bookmaker was born! One of the first Britons to claim the title of bookmaker was Harry Ogden, back in 1785. He devised his own system at the Newmarket Heath racecourse. This system still stands today.

He was the first to write down the odds that each horse had in an overview in a book. Each player could therefore bet on a different horse, which opened up a lot of new possibilities. Because until then it was possible to bet, but people only had the choice between betting on 1 specific horse (being the favorite) or betting on ‘the field’. So there were only two outcomes.

The new system was widely acclaimed. So-called bookies walked around the racecourse and recorded all bets made by the public.

The name peat accountant also has its origin here. Turf is a term used in horse racing, and more specifically to describe the surface on which the horses run.

  • In a Turf race, the horses run on grass.
  • A dirt race is a horse race on sand
  • All Weathers substrate is a substrate that can withstand all weather conditions.

The type of surface on which the horses run their competition has an important effect. Keep this in mind when betting on a specific horse. On which surface does it run well and is this the surface of this match that you want to bet on?

Evolution of the bookmaker

Bookmakers soon saw the many possibilities of betting on horse races and made it possible for their customers to also place bets in other sports than equestrian sports.

The disadvantage was that bookies settled their businesses in local bars, not the ideal location due to the combination of too much alcohol and inability to deal with loss. The legislature intervened and ordered that every bet must be made in a professional betting office. It was no longer possible to take a gamble at the counter of your favorite pub. Gambling in a cafe disappeared into illegality.

In recent decades, the way a bookmaker offers betting has evolved enormously.

Thanks to the advance of the digital age, players no longer have to rely on brick betting shops or stand in line at the newsagent’s cash register to purchase a paper TOTO form. Nowadays it is very easy to bet on a particular bet. Online betting on football or on another sports match can be done quickly, anonymously and easily via the many online bookmakers.

What does a bookmaker do?

A bookmaker arranges bets from start to finish.

Bookies primarily offer a location – be it online or physically in a betting office – where players can place a bet in a safe and also legal way.

The offer of a bookmaker is of course also important. There should be enough matches for the players to bet on, and these should be presented to the customers in an orderly manner. Offering the corresponding current statistics with information that is important to know before a player bets money is also part of the tasks of a bookie.

A good online bookmaker offers the most diverse matches, different competitions (worldwide) as well as a nice mix of sports. The bookie prepares lists of the possible bets from which players can choose.

The odds set by the bookmaker on each of these bets play an important role in attracting customers, as these odds determine the size of the amount that can be won. In a match with a deadweight winner, the odds will be much less interesting. Which makes sense, because the bookmaker runs a high risk of having to pay out a lot of money because the vast majority has bet on the winner.

Those who would like to take a riskier bet can bet on the team that is seen as the likely loser in such bets.

Betting on the so-called underdog can give you big wins!

What customers find even more important is offering a professional, easily accessible help desk and the timely and correct payment of profits.

How do bookmakers make a profit?

A bookmaker can work on a self-employed basis, but also be employed within a certain organization. However, the revenue model of all bookies remains the same: they get their profit from the bets of the losers. The total amount of money wagered by all players who lose the bet concerned will go in full to the betting office that organized the bet.

How do you choose a good bookmaker?

Most bookmakers are creative in offering a variety of classic bets, as well as most bookies are very innovative in putting the spotlight on new betting options. For example, betting on a VAR bet at a football match is a new trend, which is gaining popularity every day. A good betting office responds fully to the new opportunities that such hypes offer.

Also check if their mobile application works smoothly, if this is an important factor for you. Some websites are also more user-friendly than others.

It is important to get to know these specific features or accents of the different betting shops and to choose the bookmaker that most closely matches your personal preference.

Reliable bookmakers

What is essential for a bookmaker is having an official license.

Only with this license a betting agency can legally offer bets (online or offline). As a bettor, you are also extra protected, as this official license provides certainty about the correct way of working of these betting offices. They are subject to strict regulations and are also checked here on a regular basis. An up-to-date list of all Belgian betting shops can be found on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission.

Players must create an account. Bets can only be placed with a valid account.

For example, players under the age of 18 are excluded from participation.

Here, too, betting shops are bound by certain rules regarding the handling of personal data. When creating an account, as a new player you are obliged to provide a number of things, such as your name and address, e-mail address and bank details.


These are of course all possible data that hackers are keen on and with which fraud is regularly committed. Check carefully how the bookmaker handles this personal information. Do they have a GDPR regulation on the website?

Read these carefully, because fine print can be important!

But the first thing you should check in this regard is again whether or not you have a European license. If this bookmaker is not licensed, do not work with this bookie!

To be absolutely sure, you can also consult the so-called ‘black list’. This contains all websites that are prohibited by the Gaming Commission. Both the players and the organizers of a website that is on this blacklist can be sentenced to pay a fine.

Which online bookmakers are there in Belgium?

As mentioned before, the most up-to-date list of bookmakers with an official license can be found on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission.

We have prepared a number of reviews for you of the online betting shops where players can place a bet in a safe and completely legal way.


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Bwin is an originally Austrian company that was founded in 1997 under the name Betandwin.

In 2016, Bwin became the property of GVC Holdings PLC, a company headquartered on the Isle of Man, an idyllic island in the Irish Sea and also British Crown-owned. GVC Holdings is one of the largest and most renowned providers of sports betting and games of chance. They operate a significant number of arcades in more than 20 countries worldwide. originated from the renowned Spa casino. In 2012, Spa casino obtained an A+ license from the Belgian Gaming Commission.

This meant that they were allowed to offer online casino games completely legally, but subject to strict regulations. The Spa casino had an online platform developed for this purpose and launched it under the name Casino 777. In 2015, the Spa casino obtained an additional license as a bookmaker, as a result of which the casino section was expanded to include online sports betting.


Originally, Unibet is a sports betting site. This is still Unibet’s showpiece today. The software is modern and fast, the quotations are good. The offer of live betting is large, so that there is something to experience for every lover of a good bet.


Today, more than 130 years after Ladbrokes began, GV Holdings is the proud owner of Ladbrokes and, thanks to its many years of experience, the company is one of the largest providers of online and offline betting on sports events. Ladbrokes’ physical offices have become an integral part of the streets worldwide.

Ladbrokes is also one of the popular betting shops in Belgium. In 2014, the British bookmaker obtained an official license from the Belgian Gaming Commission, which only helped their popularity.

In addition, Ladbrokes is a strong player in the online gambling market. It started in 2002 with a first tentative attempt to also offer online betting and games of chance. It was an instant hit.


In addition to the prestigious casinos of Namur and Spa, the Walloon innovative project developer GAMING 1 also manages the online arcade Circus. In early August 2011, GAMING 1 launched their website offering sports betting in addition to casino games.

Napoleon Games

Crazy about sports and especially in combination with betting? Then the sports bets of Napoleon Games are right up your alley. You can bet on almost all football matches in the world,


In the early years, Bingoal mainly focused on offering sports betting and even specialized in horse racing. The French owner PMU acquired a license a few years ago to also be able to offer online casino games.

The activities as an online bookmaker were therefore considerably expanded with dice games, dice slots and many other online gambling games. Thanks to the B+ and F+ licenses issued by the Belgian Gaming Commission, PMU is perfectly able to legally offer sports betting and online gambling games to players.


Betfirst online obtained a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission to organize both offline and online betting. This bookmaker therefore started offering online sports betting in 2011, on top of their offer in the existing physical bookmakers’ offices.


Betway is popular online casino. In addition to the range of casino games, there is also an extensive choice of sports betting. More than 30,000 betting options are among the possible options. Betway has a big trump card by enriching its offer with a large number of live betting options.

Euro Tiercé

Eurotiercé is a Belgian provider of betting on Belgian, French and other international horse races. Eurotiercé was founded in 2006 by the National Federation for Belgian Rates. In May 2014, the company launched an official website so that its customers could also place bets online on the horse races of their choice.

Golden Vegas

The Golden Vegas casinos are mainly known in the province of Hainaut and the south of West Flanders, near the French border. Since its inception in 1983, the owner, Noordzee Electronics nv, has continued to expand the empire of casinos. In the early days, their service was limited to providing café games, such as the well-known pinball machines and one-ball machines. Gradually, Noordzee Electronics nv opened several arcades.

The counter is now at 10. In addition to the successful operation of these arcades, Golden Vegas was able to obtain an FA+ and a B+ license for offering online gambling games. In December 2012, Golden Vegas launched an online arcade where both casino games and sports betting are offered.

Magic Betting

The Belgian Magic Betting is being held honored by Betting Service bv. This betting site offers online and offline sports betting within a wide spectrum of sports. They specialize in offline betting, but in recent years they have also been trying to focus on online betting options.


Scooore! is part of the offer of the National Lottery. Recently, since the end of June of this year, this online bookmaker functions as a separate website and no longer as a pure e-lotto. Numerous bells and whistles have been added to this online betting option, making the challenge even more interesting for players.


Stanleybet is a bookmaker with roots in Ireland. Owner Stanley Leisure plc. established the first betting office there in 1958. From 1963, Stanleybet conquered the British market step by step and after conquering the United Kingdom, it set its sights on a wider European sphere of activity. From its headquarters in Liverpool, this company now successfully manages some 2000 branches in various European countries.

You can find an office of Stanleybet in Italy, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania, among others. With the establishment of Stanleybet Belgium NV in 2005, Stanleybet started operations in Belgium. In 2017, Stanleybet was able to obtain the Belgian license FA+ 116700, which means that they can also offer online betting in addition to the physical offices.


Meridianbet has not been active in Belgium for very long, only since 2017. In addition to a well-functioning site, they also have a number of physical offices where customers can place numerous bets. What Meridianbet is best known for is the interesting odds they offer. They often take a lot of risk by using such high odds, but at the same time attract a lot of new and/or additional players. Merdianbet also features lesser-known sports such as chess and beach volleyball.


Like Meridianbet, ZEbet is also a recent online betting agency. Zebet was launched as a subsidiary of Zeturf in 2014 and has grown steadily ever since. Their offer is wide, but not surprising. They play it safe by providing a good quality range of classic sports such as football, tennis and of course horse racing.


ZEturf is the showpiece of ZEbet, which specializes in offering horse races online.

Bet 90

Bet90 was founded in 2011 by the German company Bet90 Sports Limited and is known as a reliable bookmaker. In addition to the well-known physical offices, Bet90 also operates a website where players can bet online on sporting events. Bet90 can make this completely legal thanks to the license they have obtained from the Belgian Gaming Commission and the second license they have obtained from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Place2bet wishes you good luck!
Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.