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HiPay is a payment service that is well known in almost all Belgian casinos. The general payment platform was developed by the Belgian company HPME SA, a subsidiary of the French HI-Media, which organizes its international operations from Paris. They have several offices and numerous employees in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil and America.

HiPay was developed as a general payment platform and can be used by customers as an electronic payment system to make an online payment, without having to provide sensitive information such as bank details.

How does HiPay work?

HiPay works on the basis of an electronic wallet, a so-called e-wallet, into which you deposit a certain amount. Anyone can easily create such an e-wallet via the HiPay website. This is also completely free.

This digital wallet can be topped up at any time via the regular payment methods. Deposits from a bank account to an e-wallet are made quickly and free of charge.

As a player at an online casino you can transfer money from the e-wallet to your personal player account.

Pay with HiPay in an online casino

HiPay is often offered by the Belgian online casinos. Both the casinos and the players have full confidence in HiPay as an efficient and secure payment system. The simple application makes it all the more attractive. You can make a deposit at any online casino that offers this payment option via four easy steps:

  1. Open your player profile and click on deposit or Cashier.
  2. Choose HiPay.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Pay the amount immediately or via the HiPay wallet.

Hipay logo

What are the advantages of paying via HiPay at an online casino

Paying with HiPay at an online casino offers many advantages.

First of all, we would like to emphasize the security of the payment system. By observing the following additional security measures, HiPay ensures extra security and transparency:

  • Data encryption
  • Strict identification protocols
  • Anti-hack system

HiPay is well known in the online casino world, almost every legal Belgian casino offers it as a payment system.

HiPay attaches great importance to privacy. It is therefore not necessary to provide sensitive and personal information, such as bank codes for example. Every customer can use the payment system without first having to share privacy-sensitive information.

An additional advantage is that as a player you always and everywhere have an overview of the amounts that you have made in a certain online casino during a certain period. Thanks to this transparency, you increase and maintain control over your spending pattern.

What are the disadvantages of paying via HiPay at an online casino

The major drawback that players experience with the HiPay payment system is that it is impossible to cash out winnings. You can only deposit money with it, unfortunately it is not possible to withdraw money. Withdrawals will only be deposited into the personal bank account specified by the player.

What particularly throws a spanner in the works is that the new Belgian law on games of chance prohibits online casinos from accepting payments from e-wallets that may have been charged with a credit card.

It had been forbidden to pay with a credit card such as VISA or Mastercard in a Belgian online casino for some time, but smart players found a handy detour to do this via the online payment wallets.

Due to the introduction of the new legislation in 2019, this is unfortunately no longer possible.