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Spirit Sisters: Fight with the magical Spirit Sisters against the aliens
Flash Freeze: The more reels you freeze, the longer they stay frozen.
Sunken Ship: No one knows how many treasures and secrets are hidden in wrecked ships.
Spins&Magic Dice: Wilds and Free Games with a "No Loss Bonus Game"
Snow Antarctic Dice: Watch the Northern Lights and spin to the frigid heights
Sakura Quest Dice: Wilds and Guess the card if you want to double
Sacred Ruins Dice: Wilds and Free Games with a "No Loss Bonus Game"
Power of Guns Dice: for the retro fan.
Pirate Cave Dice: Sharpen your sword and go on the pirate ship
Mortal Blow Dice: Does "Wilds" have the "free spins" or the cash prize!

dice slots

The most played type of slots in Belgium is without a doubt the dice slots. These dice slots can actually only be found in Belgium. The reason for this can be found in our specific Belgian legislation regarding gambling games and casinos, which stipulates that certain symbols may not be used in a slot game in Belgium. These symbols were replaced by dice, creating a new and unique game type.

What are the most popular dice slots?

Just about all game providers have a number of dice slots in their offer. Given the great popularity of dice slots, this is not so surprising.

Gaming 1 dice slots

One of the most famous game developers, Gaming 1, offers a number of dice slots, including Deal or No Deal, a game based on a popular TV quiz and Take it or not, a variant of the dice game of the same name.

EGT dice Slots

EGT is a company that specializes in the manufacture of physical slot machines, but has recently also developed a number of dice slots that have been very well received by enthusiasts: 20 Super Dice, 40 Super Dice and 100 Super Dice.

Holland Power Gaming Slots

Frequently played dice slots from HPG are Dice Shooter, Happy Dice and Jackpot Dice.

Amatic dice slots

Amatic is also included and has several dice slots in its range: Hot Seven Dice and Hot Scatter Dice. Their games are kept relatively simple visually and usually only contain a basic amount of bonuses and extra features, yet these slots are very popular.

WiMi dice Games

In the physical Belgian arcades, the mighty WiMi Games still remains the convincing market leader. WiMi Games, founded years ago by ‘bingo king’ Willy Michiels, but in the meantime, sold to Waterland as part of Napoleon Games, provides its players with a number of dice slots. The most popular are Multi Jackpot Dice and the Jackpot Spinner.

Slots with a jackpot

And winning a jackpot in a slot game can be done in two ways: a fixed prize or a progressive jackpot. Unlike the fixed prize, the progressive jackpot amount increases every time the game is played, but no player can hit the jackpot. The moment a player wins the jackpot, the full amount won is paid out to the winner and the jackpot is reset to zero.

Of course, the progressive jackpot is the most interesting form. It can take a while before a player wins the jackpot, which means that the amount to be won can be high. On the other hand, the variance is much higher and the payout percentage is much lower.

Where can you play the Dice slots

The dice games are mainly known at the arcades in Belgium. Below we have compiled a list of sites where you can play these famous games.


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Progressive Jackpots Casinos

Progressive jackpots in Belgium

Almost every Belgian casino has progressive jackpot games in its arsenal and we list some of them.

  • Blitz.be – Has a multiple jackpot – Have a chance to win €25,000.
  • Bwin.be Casino – Progressive jackpot games – Among others Book of Myths and Mega Bars jackpot are at €3,000,000 at the time of writing this text.
  • Supergame.be – jackpot games – Super Wheels is at +- €10,000 and the 24k jackpot is at €13,000 at the time of this writing.
  • Ladbrokes.be – Super heroes jackpot – More than €700,000 to win! Are you ready to take your chance?
  • Circus.be – Win the jackpot on Circus! Do you dream of winning the jackpot? Then we have good news because on Circus you have numerous opportunities to hit the jackpot! Enjoy an even more intense gaming experience thanks to jackpots full of Mystery games or real money.
  • Casino777.be – Giant Jackpots in the Money Vault
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