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Betting options and different types of roulette

How does a roulette table work?

Everyone knows Roulette, the game with the black and red squares in which a silver ball is released. Whoever chooses the right square where the ball will eventually end up becomes a millionaire.

But it’s not that simple. Roulette is indeed subject to a number of rules.

Roulette is popular. The rules of the game are simple and little strategy is involved. You play purely on luck, so the odds are equal for everyone. The only strategic choice you have to make is either to bet with a low probability of winning but with a high payout or a high probability of winning with a low payout amount as a result.

Betting Options at Roulette

Each participant in a roulette game receives a number of chips in exchange for a certain amount of bet. Those who want to bet these chips must do so on the roulette table, a green game board with spaces numbered from 1 to 36 and a number of special spaces to make special combinations. Bets can only be made when the croupier gives the go-ahead and can be done in various ways:

  • Deploy square

When a player bets on a single number, it is referred to as square bets. This poses a major risk. The chance that the ball just ends up on this one square is very small. But if this should happen, the profit is all the greater. You can get back up to 36 times your bet.

  • Deploy Cheval

Cheval bets are made when you bet on two numbers that are next to each other. The chance that the ball ends up on one of those numbers is therefore twice as great, but the winnings to be won are halved.

  • Transverse Bets

You bet on three numbers by placing your chips on the left or right side of a series of three consecutive numbers, for example to the left of 1-2-3 or to the right of 7-8-9.

When you combine this move with a Cheval (ie betting on two adjacent numbers), you make it a Transverse simple.

  • Betting a square

Betting a square means that you place your chip on the game board, at the point where the boxes with four numbers intersect. You increase your bet, but if you win, the payout also drops significantly.

  • Deploy a column

This way of betting means a great chance of winning. You are going to place your chip at the bottom of a column, which means that every number in that column represents a winning chance. If you take it a step further and place the chip on the center line between two columns, you play on the two columns and therefore on 24 squares. This way of betting is called the Colonne à cheval.

  • Chance Simple

On the side of the playmat are a number of special compartments. In these boxes you can bet on a red box, a black box, odd or even or bet on the first or the last eighteen numbers.

Plenty of choice thanks to the different types of roulette

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor roulette

  • European Roulette

European Roulette is the roulette game most played in the casinos. Many variants of roulette games are based on this classic form. The roulette wheel consists of 37 spaces, with the numbers 0 to 36 on them. The numbered black and red spaces alternate and the space where the zero is located is always green. The croupier lets each player bet and when everyone has bet, he spins the wheel. The ball is thrown into the spinning disc after which all players wait in suspense until the wheel stops spinning and will eventually end up in a certain space. Depending on the numbers you bet on, you will win or lose.

  • American Roulette

American Roulette has a slightly different spinning wheel and game board, but the rest of the game rules are almost the same as European Roulette. With one important exception, however. American Roulette has an extra box: the double zero. This box provides extra winning opportunities for the casino and greatly reduces the chances of winning for the players.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor franse roulette

  • French Roulette

French Roulette is a variant of European Roulette. This version has ‘La Partage’ and ‘Prison’ as additional opportunities for players to pick up extra winnings or to limit possible losses. When the ball lands on a square with a zero, the croupier will take all bets in American and European Roulette. This does not happen with French Roulette, thanks to this La Partage rule. The croupier divides the bet into two equal parts and takes one part with him. The second piece goes back to the player. Now this player can choose: either he takes this part back completely, or he puts this money ‘en prison’. This means that he leaves the money on the game board for one round and the chips remain there for one round. The player cannot change the bet. If the player wins the next round, the chips are released to bet again. If he loses this round, he or she still loses the bet.

  • English Roulette

An English Roulette is the same as a French Roulette, but everyone plays with tokens in their own color. Moreover, we do not work with a ‘prison’. The player who bets a Chance Simple is lucky when the zero comes out. He or she will then get half of the given bet back.

  • Mexican Roulette

Mexican Roulette is identical to American Roulette, but has an extra pocket with three zeros. When the ball lands on this square, you as a player will be punished. This of course means that the winning chances in this game are much lower than when playing classic roulette.

  • Online variants

Many developers are cleverly capitalizing on the popularity of the roulette game and regularly launch new variants on the market. Most online casinos offer a number of virtual roulette games where the classic wheel or roulette table is themed or given a flashy layout, but the basic rules always remain the same .

Place2bet wishes you good luck!

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

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