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Spirit Sisters: Fight with the magical Spirit Sisters against the aliens
Infinity Dice: Doublers found in Infinity Dice
Flash Freeze: The more reels you freeze, the longer they stay frozen.
Mega Wheels: If you are looking for an exciting and profitable game
Pure: Place 3 wheel symbols to activate the Pure Wheel bonus
Super Wheels Progressive: Win points or mystery games with the bonus wheel
Farmer's Delight: A guaranteed jackpot with the egg bonus
Ghosts and Graves: Collect blood and for the Blood bonus
Diamond Double Wheel: The Diamond Double Wheel bonus feature gives you two wheels of gold
Choco Deluxe: Activate the box of chocolates to play the bonus game

dice games

Playing dice games is very popular in our country. Game providers are therefore cleverly responding to this popularity and are constantly developing the most challenging online games. There are different variants to be found in every online casino. New dice games are launched on the online casino games market almost daily.

How do you play a dice game?

The intention of a dice game is simple: as a player you try to align dice with the same number of eyes, or the same symbol or sign, in order to score as many points as possible.

A dice game is usually played with 12 sets of 3 dice with 10 different symbols. At the start of the game, a player bets a certain amount. It is logical that the higher this amount wagered, the higher the possible profit will be if this player also effectively manages to make the correct combinations with the obtained dice.

As a player, you are then instructed to give all dice a specific place in the different slots. Usually these are three or four slots. Up to 9 dice can be placed in each slot. The paylines are indicated in the slots at the start of the game. There are three horizontal and 2 diagonal paylines per slot.

Depending on the combinations you can form on these paylines with the dice you get, you will earn a certain number of points. Every time you manage to get three matching symbols on a payline, you get points for this.

The different symbols on the dice equal a number of points, this differs per game. The value of each symbol is clearly indicated in the game itself.

How are the scores calculated in a dice game?

When all dice have been placed in the slots, all points are added together. A dice with 1 or 2 eyes is worth less than a die with a special character.

The trick is to come up with the perfect strategy to put the different dice in the right place in the slots to score as many points as possible.

To win the game, you need to score at least 100 points. A player who can reach 100 points will take a win of twice the amount wagered. However, there is also a maximum number of profit distributions.

Whoever scores 1,000 points or more will be refunded 100 times the wagered amount.

Score extra points?

The total number of points is multiplied a number of times when at least one combination of three of the same symbols can be placed in three of the four slots. The winnings are even bigger when a player can place a winning combination in the four slots.

It is therefore important to make a winning combination in three, but even better in the four different slots.

It can mean the difference between winning or losing the game in the end. And whoever has luck completely on his side and manages to place 9 dice with the same symbol in one of the four slots, will see his score increased with a large number of bonus points!

Mystery features and other bonuses in dice games

Most game providers build one or more bonus features into their dice games. This is to make the game more attractive for players. The symbol that can open the mystery games differs from game to game, but the principle remains the same. If you can form a win line with the mystery symbol, an extra game will be opened or you will be awarded a bonus.

The reason why mystery games are often built into a dice game is because in Belgium there is a legal restriction on the amount that can be paid out to a winning player.

By making it possible to win extra cents in the form of a mystery game, online casinos can still offer their players a nice prize pool.

Is a dice game the same as a dice slot?

A dice game and a dice slot are similar games, but are actually not quite the same.

The big difference is that a dice slot works on the basis of a so-called random number generator (RNG). With a dice slot, this random number generator will automatically determine the position on the slots where the dice should be placed.

In a dice game you determine this completely yourself as a player. A dice slot is therefore one hundred percent based on ‘automated’ chance, while a dice game is played by the player himself who completely chooses a place for each dice that the system gives him.

In this last game variant, the profit therefore depends on the tactics used and the degree of influence that the player exercises on the game.

How does a random number generator work?

Online casinos use a random number generator to avoid calculating what the next move will be in a game. By using a random number generator, everything is left to chance and players can therefore not say with certainty in advance what the next card will be that will be placed on the gaming table or what other dices will roll across the screen.

The system works on the basis of software, which first calculates which combinations are possible and then selects one specific combination.

What is a good strategy for successfully playing an online dice game?

First determine the amount to bet and then form horizontal and diagonal lines with identical dice, that’s all a dice game seems to contain. Of course a good portion of luck is important to be able to win the game, but effective tactics should also not be missing. There are several tactics or ways to play:

* Play for the bonus

* Play for the 100 points

* Play based on the autoplay feature

Playing for the bonus: for those who like to take a bit of risk

The big disadvantage is that mystery games and bonus games generally do not occur very often, even if you leave certain slots open for placing the dice with a bonus sign. Especially for novice or inexperienced players, playing for the 100 points is easier and more feasible. It does require some knowledge and experience to be able to make the right decisions at crucial moments.

Play for 100 points: the safest and easiest way to play

The game tactic to play for the 100 points, ie for the pure win of the game, is the simplest.

Play based on the autoplay: love it or leave it

With an autoplay function you can make the game run completely automatically. You can preset the number of times the slots should spin. After one press of the button, the game will continue to play, without the player having to press the button with each spin.

There are a number of advantages to playing an online dice game automatically:

  • Easy play

It’s just convenient to use the autoplay feature in an online dice game. Unless you as a player are really keen on pushing the button over and over and thus being glued to your computer screen, the autoplay gives you the freedom to do something else while the game continues automatically.

The autoplay also makes it possible to play on several games at the same time. So you save a lot of time by playing based on the autoplay function. Especially for players who choose games with a high number of spins the reels have to spin, being able to spin the slots automatically is a big advantage.

In addition, it is good to know that when using the autoplay bonus games, mystery games and other bells and whistles are also opened. So you don’t have to miss any advantage.

  • Higher payout percentages

Online casinos indicate that the payout percentages for players who use the autoplay are significantly higher than for ‘traditional’ players. What the payout percentage of a particular game is is usually stated on the website of the online casino. Never go below a percentage of 96%.

  • Flexibility trumps thanks to the autoplay function

Due to the large number of functionalities that an autoplay function has, you can still keep the game under control, even if you play in an automatic way. You can pre-select the number of spins to spin the reels, set a loss limit, adjust the speed of the game or also stop the game when a bonus game opens. Mind you, not all dice games have extensive functionalities.

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to playing based on an autoplay feature.

  • The fun factor is gone

Since you as a player are no longer in control, the playing content has been reduced to a minimum.

You no longer play because it is a fun game, but only to score points and eventually cash in as much money as possible. However, most games that are brought onto the market have cost the game providers the necessary time and energy.

Some games are real gems in terms of layout and fantasy. It’s a shame that a player who plays on the basis of the autoplay function notices so little of this.

  • Different functionalities in the large range of dice games

It takes some time to get to know the large amount of games and see what a specific game has to offer in terms of functionalities or features.

With some games a loss limit can be set, so that the risk of losing a large amount of money can be reduced to a minimum. With other games, however, this is not possible, so that you can quickly lose a large sum.

It is therefore important to get to know the functionalities well before you start betting large amounts.

  • Decreased Control

An autoplay feature will ‘calculate’ for you on every spin what is the best place for the dices that appear on the screen. But this feature does not take into account the right moment to stop playing.

It is possible that you just hit the jackpot via the autoplay, which gave you a super big win.

Manual players would then be wise to decide to stop the game.

If you play on the basis of autoplay, the game will start again and again, with the necessary risk that you run the risk of losing the amount you just won. Not paying attention and letting the autoplay run its course can therefore cost you a lot of money…

Popular dice games

The range of dice games is huge. Every self-respecting game provider has a few on offer. Time and again creative designers are brooding on a new, challenging variant. A wide range of themes is covered: rough Vikings in Vikings Dice, crabs and beach umbrellas in Summer Dice 2, football players in Soccer Devils Dice, and so much more.

Top 10 best dice games

Dice games

Dice Spinner

The Dice Spinner was developed by Bell-Fruit Games and is one of the most played dice games in Belgium. Dice Spinner starts with two tubes in which three dice are thrown. These trios determine which combinations you have to make in the four slots. Now it is your turn to form as many winning combinations as possible on the five paylines.

gold spinner

The Gold Spinner is based on the Dice Spinner, but has been expanded with a wheel of fortune as an additional symbol. This symbol is equivalent to an extra bonus game, which greatly increases your chances of winning.

Rapid Rush

In this popular dice game you have a chance to win a jackpot of 25,000 euros! Rapid Rush is also packed with fun extras. Did you put the dice  in the right place in the slots and could you score 500 points? Then it rains extra prizes for you: mystery games, cash prizes or maybe you win the jackpot…

Always Mystery

In Always Mystery you are tasked with making the most valuable combination with four slots. Whoever completes this successfully gets to play the bonus round. During this bonus round you spin a wheel, which consists of various mystery games. You can play Always Mystery with a bet of 25 euro cents, but the higher the bet, the more mystery games you can win, of course….

Alawyas Mystery is very popular with players who like to play tactically. Players who put the right strategy on board can quickly win back up to a hundred times their stake.

Mega Spinner

Mega Spinner is a dice game that was developed by Gaming1 and is packed with bonuses, mystery games and a big jackpot. The game has a unique element: at the end of each betting round you have a chance to win ‘the Bonus Reel’. When it appears, you can score extra points by re-rolling the slots on which you did not have a winning combination.

infinity dice

Infinity dice is a newcomer among the dice games, but is already very popular. The game contains no less than 15 mystery games. Whoever manages to start the bonus game has a chance to win nice cash prizes, bonus points or extra mystery games.

What is special about Infinity dice is the fact that every player gets several chances to win a nice prize. If you are not satisfied with the prize you have won, you can make five new attempts.

Take it or not

Also with Take it or not, a player is given the choice to accept or not to accept a prize that has been won. The game consists of a pyramid with cash prizes and a pyramid with points. If you reach the top of the pyramid as a player, you will be rewarded with five mystery games, where you can win a lot.

Tornado Dice

Tornado Dice is played with nine dice, in three reels. The aim is to get as many identical dice in a row as possible. The advantage of this game is that the paylines can run from right to left and from left to right, which significantly increases the chance of winning. If you can line up three dice with the bonus symbol, a tornado will swirl across your screen to indicate that you can play the bonus game. The Tornado Dice bonus game is a wheel of fortune where you can win free spins and multipliers.


Cosmigon is a dice game that stands out because of its original design. Visually, this game is very attractive. Game provider Air Dice is known for this. The decor seems to be a futuristic honeycomb, where the various symbols have to be fitted.

Dynamite Dice

Old but gold… Dynamite Dice is one of the oldest dice games, but it stands up to all the new, flashy games that have been developed in recent years. You play the game with three slots, which automatically makes the game a bit more difficult. The prize pool is high, you can win up to 100 times the stake and there are also a lot of mystery games waiting for you. Play the game tactically and try to get the three dice with the red Chinese symbol on a payline. If you succeed in this, you can try your luck on the wheel of fortune in the bonus game.

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Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

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