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Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) do exactly what they announce – multi-table tournaments! There are many different types of MTTs: from freerolls to freezouts and re-buys to short-handed pot-limit Omaha double chance turbos with add-ons (!). These poker tournaments are characterized by monster fields and high prize money is the cornerstone of the World Series of Poker. Both together form the largest and best action online.

Mercier and Phil Ivey made celebrities in the poker world.

Perseverance and patience are the key words in this poker form, as the long levels and gradual blind structures offer a lot of game quality before the stacks are threatened by forced betting.

Aggressive play, on the other hand, can cause looser players to quickly acquire large stacks, leaving room for all contrasting playing styles to be effective.

The larger prize pool also means more places are paid and the finalists at the table take home a huge amount in proportion to their buy-ins

The winner of the Sunday’s massive 200K Guaranteed will bring at least € 50,000 for just € 215 buy-in!



Single table tournaments (STTs – also known as “Sit ‘n Go’s”) are particularly easy and perfect for beginners in the online poker world. This is because unlike cash tables (and some MTTs) you pay a fixed entry fee and because the games don’t last too long – especially if they are turbochargers!

STTs offer a fun, easy way to play. Just enter a tournament and when the pre-requisite number of players is registered (usually 6 or 10), the action will begin! They are also a good investment. The top 3 places are usually paid and in a small area it offers the strong poker player a very decent yield!

STTs are very diverse, because you can play normal Hold’em games, turbo tournaments, heads-up or even the monthly STT Jackpot!


Ladbrokes introduces new twist tournaments, which will already boost your adrenalin: three players, winner takes all, turbo Sit’N’Go’s, with buy-ins of € 1- € 50. Every twister is awarded a random prize ranging from 2 to 1000 times the actual buy-in! Join a € 50 twister for a chance to win up to 80% of the massive € 50,000 prize pool!

After logging into the poker software, locate the twister button on the home page. Then choose the twister buy-in and the number of games you wish to play. You can play up to six twister tournaments at once!

Each buy-in includes a buy-in, the tournament fee and the jackpot contribution. However, with twister this is different, as the prizes are randomly allocated and can therefore be much higher than the actual combined buy-ins of the three players. When the game starts, players are presented with the random jackpot.

Six different buy-ins are available:

€ 1 with a prize pool of up to € 1,000
€ 2 with a prize pool of up to € 2,000
€ 5 with a prize pool of up to € 5,000
€ 10 with a prize pool of up to € 10,000
€ 20 with a prize pool of up to € 20,000
€ 50 with a prize pool of up to € 50,000

The table below shows the available prize pools along with the probability that they will be awarded:

twister prijzenstructuur

For example, the buy-in multiplier of 1,000 has a probability of 20,000 to 1. The probability of not using a multiplier is 15,162 out of 20,000.

The first prize will receive 80% of the prize pools worth € 1,000 or more, 100% of the prize pools worth € 1,000 or less.

The second prize will receive 10% of the prize pools worth € 1,000 or more

The third prize receives 10% of the prize pools worth € 1.00 or more

A buy-in of € 5 for the Twister Tournaments can have a prize pool of € 10 to € 5,000, depending on the multiplier awarded, the range from none to 1,000. The rest of the three entry prizes will be added to the rake and twister prize pools.



Click here to learn more about other high-guaranteed tournaments we hold every weekend.
J Come in every Sunday at 7pm (GMT) and end the week with a massive cash payout.


Secure your place in this exciting weekly event with an immediate buy-in of € 45.5 + € 4.5. You can also play in one of the many qualifying satellites that take place every week to gain your chance of entry.
Find the tournament and its qualifying satellites under the Major Guaranteed Tournaments -> Sunday Lineup tab. They start from € 0.50!
An event with a starting stack of 100,000 chips, with increasing blinds every 15 minutes.
The Sunday Special is now a 2-day event. Playback is paused on Monday at 00:00 (GMT) and resumes on Monday evening at 19:00 (GMT).
End your weekend with big wins by participating in the € 25,000 Sunday Special! –


Lobby Name: – € 25,000 Sunday Premium –

Buy-in: € 45.5 + € 4.5 or tournament tickets

Guaranteed prize pool: € 25,000

Date & Time: Every Sunday at 7:00 PM (GMT)

Starting chips: 200,000

Starting blinds: 10/20

Blind levels: 15 min.

Structure Payouts

Since there are as many types of players as there are grains of sand in the desert, at Ladbrokes we try to offer our players the widest range of poker tournaments.

There are always tournaments going on, 24h / 24 and 7d / 7. From MTTs to S’n’Gs, from Freerolls to high buy-in and satellite tournaments. They are countless, there are no times when there are no tournaments.

The prize pool is always paid out in tournaments when a player is withdrawn from the tournament. However, if a tournament is not ended or has to be scheduled at a different time, all players will be refunded their buy-in.


If the connection is lost, the game will continue as normal. The player’s blinds and antes continue to be posted regardless of whether they reconnect or not. When this happens, players should try to log back in as soon as possible to continue playing. If a player cannot log in again, he will be eliminated with blinds / antes.

Unfortunately, every connection can be broken, as a player you have to accept that risk. Ladbrokes can in no way be held liable for breaking the connection, whatever the cause.

If you are disconnected when you are playing a hand, you will be given a certain amount of time – about 30 seconds – to reconnect. If that does not work, you will automatically fold, unless you have opted for the break to play all-in. If you decide not to play, you will be considered “absent from the table” but will be dealt cards that are “folded” each turn. In that case, blinds are also taken, if necessary. When your playing time is over or your connection is lost, you will automatically be marked “absent from the table”. This will remain until you check the corresponding box again and re-enter the game.


Ladbrokes refund rules for interrupted tournaments depend on the type of tournament and the stage the game is in when it is interrupted. Click here for more details on our Interrupt Tournament Refund Rules.


toernooi tot 60 spelers


toernooi tot 240 spelers


toernooi tot 600 spelers


toernooi tot 1000 spelers


toernooi tot 1481 spelers

Bounty Tournaments

Also known as progressive knockout tournaments, the Bounty Tournaments allow you to win cash for every player you take out.

  • How does it work?

When you take out a player, you win 50% of their current bounty and 50% is added to your bounty. As the game progresses, the bounties will rise. For example, for a € 10 buy-in, € 5 will be added to the GTD prize pool and € 5 will be your starter bounty. When you knock out a player, you win € 2.50 and € 2.50 is added to your bounty).

  • Tournaments

50% of everyone’s buy-in is added to the guaranteed prize pool and 50% is considered your starter bounty. If you are eliminated, you can re-participate up to three times by paying the full buy-in again. You will always be considered a new player. If a player is eliminated in an all-in situation with three or more players, the player with the best hand wins the bounties (provided they have enough chips to cover the all-in bets). There are no split bounties unless the players are eliminated with the same winning hand (for example, both with pocket aces and enough chips to cover the all-in bet).

  • Daily Tournament Schedule

Bounty toernooien


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