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gambling on football is very popular. There are therefore several factors why football is one of the best sports to bet on, among others. live betting.

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Why gambling on football is so much fun. Sports Betting

Football games are often very popular, especially around large tournaments, such as a European championship or a world championship.

This is often accompanied by many bets among friends, family and colleagues who organize a pool. Money is then jointly deposited and bets on (often limited) amounts are based on predictions from the tournament matches (or a single match).

There are therefore several factors why football is one of the best sports to bet on. Firstly, football is played worldwide all year round, so there are always matches to bet on. In addition to the numerous national competitions, there are also other types of matches such as national cup competitions, friendly matches, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and European Championship qualifying matches and so on. Football is not only played in Belgium, worldwide there are almost daily matches available to bet on. Sports Betting

What sports can you bet on

  • Football
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • e-sports
  • volleyball
  • ice Hockey
  • MMA …

Gokken op verschillende competities van het voetbal

How to bet on football

Type of bets

  • 1X2
  • exact football
  • total number of goals
  • scorer
  • absolute winner
  • exact sets ….

The most popular type of bet when betting on football in Belgium is undoubtedly the classic 1×2 bet. In this bet you bet on whether the home team wins (1), the draw becomes (X) or the away team wins (2).

Double chance is another form of bet where you put 2 possible outcomes together. For example, if you expect that a home team will certainly not lose, but you feel that it could possibly become a draw, you can bet on home team to win or draw (also called 1X). In this way you significantly reduce the risk that you take on a match, although it is accompanied by a lower odds. In the double chance there are always 3 possible outcomes to bet on: Home team wins or draw (1X), Home or away team wins (12) or Away team wins or draw (X2).

Another popular choice, especially when there is a significant difference in strength between the two teams, is betting on handicaps. In normal handicap betting (3-way handicap) you give a virtual advantage or disadvantage to a specific team and bet on the match using this virtual adjustment. If you bet on the Belgian Club Brugge – Charleroi match with a handicap 0-1, Club Brugge wins if there is a difference of at least two goals, if you win by 1 goal it will be a draw, for all other results Charleroi wins. In addition to 3-way handicaps, the Asian handicaps are also popular to bet on. In Asian handicaps, the number of possible outcomes is reduced from 3 to 2 and half and quarter lines are possible. We will return to this in detail in our detailed Asian Handicap Guide.

Another popular bet type is over / underbets. With over / underbets you bet on the number of goals you expect in a match, based on a predetermined number. The most popular line to bet on is over / under 2.5 goals, although alternative lines are offered for most matches. If you bet on over 2.5 goals, you win when at least 3 goals are scored. If you bet on under 2.5 goals, you win when there is a maximum of 2 times scored in the match.

To learn more about the different betting types and terms used in football betting, take a look at the different betting terms and sports terms.

Which competitions are covered in the Belgian online casinos

Almost all competitions from all over the world are covered. There is always a game where you can play with the time differences. The different competitions are discussed as well as the cups or other tournaments. The World Cup and the European Championship but also the Africa Cup and the other continents offer continuous football and that is also offered by most online bookmakers.

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Where can you bet on these different leagues of football

Moreover, Unibet offers an excellent offer of our beloved Jupiler Pro League and ensures that all matches of both the Jupiler Pro League and the Proximus League, like other major European competitions, are broadcast live via Unibet TV. All you need for this is an account with sufficient balance available to place a bet.

Live football betting

Live betting is very popular in football betting today. What is this you may be wondering? Live football betting means placing a bet while the match is in progress. The odds will change constantly. Do you think that a match is going to turn around or are you sure that a team will keep its current lead, then live betting is definitely for you. Even better at Unibet you can watch many football matches live, this makes betting on these matches even more attractive. In addition to the winner or score, you can also bet live on many other aspects of the match. Be sure to take a look at UnibetTV to find our wide range of live streams. All professional football matches in Belgium, just like many other large football matches, are now available at Unibet! Sports Betting

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