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Betfirst is an expert in innovative and creative thinking. The way games are offered and the way players can bet changes regularly. This keeps the website attractive, even for those who have been a customer for years.

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Betfirst sports betting Belgium

The core business of Betfirst is and remains sports betting. The Betfirst offices where you can bet on numerous matches are well known. Betfirst is well known as a bookmaker and has long been popular with those who like to bet on a bet. Until recently, Betfirst was known to most as a physical booking agency, but at the same time the company did not want to miss out on the digital train and started offering online matches, matches and events in 2012. Their offer is wide, varied and is always updated with new events. Owner Sagevas NV came up with a strong, renewed website and a very wide range of bets in 2014

Great diversity of sports

Not only is the great diversity of sports special (Betfirst has 30+ sports on offer), the variety on which one can bet is also great. To illustrate with an example: At the final of the Europa League. For this one match, bets could be placed on 127 (!) bets. One could bet on the number of yellow and red cards, on the number of corner kicks, on injuries and the amount of extra time, … The large amount of bets on offer can seem a bit overwhelming to some. To help players see the wood for the trees and make the right choice, Betfirst puts statistics and forecasts online for players to base themselves on.

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Betfirst is licensed FA+ 116764/ F1+ 116764 and is supported in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

Betfirst can build on a positive image and is known as a strong and reliable booking agency, with a smooth payment. It is a conscious choice of Betfirst to set a maximum amount on both the deposits and the withdrawals. Players can bet a minimum of 10 euros per week and a maximum of 1000 euros. In this way, Betfirst tries to keep the way clear for the more ‘recreational’ players. Players who play at a professional, high level quickly drop out because of the relatively low amounts that can be wagered and won.

Betfirst online sports betting

Unbelievable how large the range of matches is. Every possible sport is covered at Betfirst sports betting. Of course, the classic sports are reviewed, such as football, cycling, tennis and basketball. But you can also bet on the less obvious sports. Lovers of surfing, cross-country skiing or ski flying can take a gamble.

Betfirst is an expert in innovative and creative thinking. The way games are offered and the way players can bet changes regularly. This keeps the website attractive, even for those who have been a customer for years.

The showpiece of is without a doubt live betting. These are matches that are played in real time. On the basis of a clock and a score card you can see the state of the game at any time. A player can therefore also bet during the match or withdraw the bet. A big advantage of this way of betting is that you can gradually adjust the tactics or strategy that you had in mind, for example the number of red cards that falls with a certain team, crucial players that are replaced, and so on.


Thanks to the app for iOS and Android devices, players can also bet via their smartphone and follow the progress of the matches. The digital application works well on all devices.

Betfirst TV

Log in to Betfirst online and check if your balance is at least €5 or if you have placed a bet in the last 48 hours. Click on any event with a Betfirst icon. Loading starts two minutes before the event starts. betFIRST TV is free for all members who own an account. You can watch live top sports in high quality and see the latest results to make a good choice.

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Book-a-bet is really nothing more than booking your betting slip online. After creating your digital bet on your home computer, print out the corresponding code and take it with you to a brick-and-mortar Betfirst office. There you can enter the code on one of the terminals and place your bet. Pure time saving!

Multiway +

During the same competition, additional markets (ie aspects, parts or segments of the competition) can be tapped. This means that during one football match, for example, you can not only bet on who will ultimately win the match, but also who will score the first goal, in which minute this goal will fall, who will score and also what the final score will be.

The advantage of this is that you can easily combine these different markets with each other and give each segment a separate quotation. The digital application Multiway+ will also show you, as a player, when you have bet on a certain part of the match, the various other options and make numerous proposals to bet on other aspects of the match. For example, if a player has only bet on the final score of a football match, Multiway+ will also propose to bet on the number of red cards that will fall in that same match.

Cash Out

This digital application is brand new! Thanks to Cash Out, players can secure the winnings made with a simple button on their smartphone or via the computer. When the tide in a match threatens to turn, you as a player get the chance to stop your bet and have the bet paid, even if the match is not yet over. This can be done in full or for only part of the wagered amount. It is therefore perfectly possible to continue playing with part of the bet. With this you prevent on the one hand that you will suffer large losses, but on the other hand you can still provide a bit of profit.

The amount paid out will be entirely dependent on the match. It makes sense that the higher the chance that you are at risk of losing the match, the smaller the winnings paid out will be. Until now, the number of sports in which players can apply the Cash Out has been rather limited. Players can take advantage of the Cash Out at football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey games.

Cash In

The Cash Out system can also be applied in reverse: the Cash In system. At any time during the match you can decide to take a gamble. Following the course of the match closely, playing tactically, thinking strategically and making the right decision and bet at the right time can quickly earn you a nice penny.

Customer service Betfirst

The entire Betfirst online team is available 24 hours a day. Betfirst makes every effort to respond to our customers’ requests as soon as possible.

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Since January 1, 2011, sites that do not have a Belgian license are considered illegal. By playing on an illegal site you are committing a violation. The online site has a legal Belgian license B+ and F+. If you choose to play on the Betfirst sports betting site, you benefit from the protection offered by the Belgian Gaming Commission, such as the control of the limitation of the hourly loss and the redistribution of your bets.

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