Types of betting on sports

Types of betting on sports

A sports bet is a bet placed on sports events. Place money on a team or a person and plan how this holiday will complete the sporting event. This will bring you money when this prediction becomes reality. If the result is wrong, the bettor will lose his money in most cases.
Since the advent of the internet, the world of sports betting has exploded. Internet betting allows you to play from your own lounge. Create an account with a bookmaker to bet on the sport. It’s really simple Then you can put money on all sorts of sports bets.

Unibet betting on sports

Unibet sports betting offers a deposit bonus of 200% to 80 € and the opportunity to bet legally on sports. There are various possibilities to conclude sports betting.

Some sports bets

The simplest form of sports betting is a unique bet. Here, only one part is put on the gains, the losses or the draws. For example, in the Colombia-Colombia match, bets are made on Colombia’s profits. The freely chosen bet will be multiplied by the corresponding quote.

A € 10.00 bet was chosen. The quote is 1.20. This translates into a maximum profit of € 10.00 x 1.20 = € 12.00. If the bets and the final result do not match, the bet is lost. In principle, all variants can be played in a single bet, unless explicitly stated.

Meridianbet doubles your first deposit (with a limit of 100 euros), but there are some conditions attached to it. You must play that deposit amount five times within 90 days in combination bets of at least 4 matches. Each match must also have a mark of at least 1.50. Once that is over, claim the bonus by sending an email to Meridianbet.

live sports betting

Combination bet on the sport

With this type of bet, at least two matches are combined. The total quote is a multiplication of the odds of the matches. To win the bet, all the final results must be correct.

Live betting

These offer the possibility of wagering during the match. Quotes change depending on the state and progress of the game.

Multiple bets?

With a multiple bet, 2 of 3 possible outcomes are wagered. The multiple bet is basically a combination of 2 different bets on a match. Warning! Not all variants if multiple bets are allowed.

Betway BE sports French

Result bets

Most betting agencies offer a result bet at every football game. The exact end position must be predicted. These bets offer very high odds at unusual end positions.

Betting system

A more complete variant of a combined bet. You will consciously increase your profit opportunities and even with one or more lost bets, you can always win. You play different bets or combinations of bets. If all the results are correct, you win all your bets. And with other results, you still have a profit opportunity because one or more bets may be correct.

Example: System 3/5 (pronounce: 3 out of 5). You bet on all possible combinations of three bets. If all the results are correct, you benefit from the maximum profit. When you lose, you still have four partial bets out of ten. If you lose two bets, you always have a combination of three.

Types of betting on sports

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Bank wager

If you are convinced of the outcome of an event, you can play it in a betting system as a “bank”. First, you decide which system you want to play (for example 2 of 3), then you can combine this bet with one or more banks. For the success of the bet, it is important that your bank wagers are correct. The criteria for a betting system must of course also be satisfied. If your bank wagers are incorrect, your bet is in any case lost.
To enter a system bet with a bank, first enter the options for a system bet on the betting slip. Then click on “System bet” and choose your system. Then you add your banks to the bet by choosing the desired option.


Here, two different result possibilities are combined. This minimization of the risk, by which 2 of the 3 possible results are covered, has an influence on the estimate.

Double Chance is used by many players to “insure” combinations and / or larger system bets. In only a few cases, the double chance is concluded in a single bet. Many bookmakers offer such bets directly.

Time remaining bet

An innovative option in the world of sports competitions. You place a bet with an imaginary score of 0-0. This means that only the goals scored after the bet placed. This ensures that a 3-0 match remains exciting until the last whistle.

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Betcenter online sportweddenschappen

System +

With the System + feature, you can combine multiple bets by taking a bet.

How to close a System +? In the menu of the same name, just set an upper and lower limit for your system bets. The upper and lower limits determine the system betting parameters shown in the voucher.

If all the options are correct, you win all the bets on your system. In case of incorrect possibilities, you always have a profit option, because one or more partial bets can be correct.

Multiple bet in the system

With a multiple bet, a bet is made on two of three or three of the three possible outcomes. The multiple bet is essentially a combination of two or three combinations of a bet variant of a match.

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