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Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting By playing on Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting, you get all the legal benefits and are sure of a legal online gaming environment…. more

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Goldenvegas Summary

Site Name Goldenvegas
Founded: 2012
Country: Belgium
Payout Percentage: 97 %
Minimum Deposit: €10 euro
Support Options: Tickets, email
Deposit Options: Bancontact, Paysafecard, Ideal
Withdrawal Options: Transfer

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Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting

By playing on Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting, you get all the legal benefits and are sure of a legal online gaming environment. More then 50 years experience!

Initially, the company was a supplier games in pubs, but gradually diversified it and opened a first casino games room, followed by much more in all of Belgium. +40 game rooms in Belgium

With their passion for gambling, Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting has brought innovative devices that have fallen to their players.

From this passion, Goldenvegas wanted to offer the same unique gaming experience on the internet.

Sports betting

Goldenvegas wide choice of casino and table games

+1000 games (slots, dice games, live casino, jackpots, dice slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat)

Goldenvegas 8 free tournaments every day


Dice games are a must for online casinos and online gambling halls. Therefore, no one will be surprised to offer them in Goldenvegas legal online gambling hall.

If you get three dice of the same color in a row, you can increase your winnings and the odds are even greater if you get the three famous red symbols in a row. You can earn bonuses up to 500 euros.


Roulette gives you the chance to win up to 36 times if you bet on the winning number. For tactical purposes, countless statistics are shown to maximize your chances of winning.

Goldenvegas online betting offers you different types of roulette.


From the fusion of classic poker and the best slot machines, let Videopoker let you try the boldest combinations to get the jackpot. This legal online gambling site offers a variety of games so you can play according to the rules of poker that govern you best.


Beat the dealer around the blackjack table. The goal of this game is to get a higher hand than the dealer without touching 21.The value of the cards is as follows: Ace = 1/11, 2 to 10 cards take the value of the card and the


A golden medium between dice games and slot machines: namely the slot machine. This offers an incredible and innovative gaming experience. Try it right now. Live a unique experience! Play Wild Amazonia!


Take it or notThe game will make your 5 choices in the form of euro game points or mystery tricks. You are free to accept or refuse the show. If you approve the offer, the game will continue to run the prints to show you what other choices were. However, if you decline the proposal, the game will make a new presentation. It is not possible to refuse the fifth show.

Mystery box

Mystery box

18 mystery boxes, with different values ​​are available at the beginning of the game. Sew around several boxes, the banker will make your offer. If you accept the offer, this amount or amount of mysterious points will be awarded to you. If you do not accept a bank proposal, the last box will be automatically assigned to you.

TV Show

TV showChoose a wheel by clicking once. 6 wheels, six different risks. Go for points to increase your winnings or win mystery tricks.

Open the safe

Open the safe. Choose your suitcase by clicking on it once. Discover the quantity (points or mystery) inside. Then open the other lockers and you can see what was in the other suitcases.

Dice of Fortune

Fortune DiceLet him spin a wheel and see what you’ve won.


Winter Same as the mystery box, but with a Christmas atmosphere and the voice of Santa who will guide you.

Quick Hit

Quick shot
• Bonus Game 1: When you get three consecutive bonus symbols, start the bonus game.
• Bonus Game 2: If you score more than 500 points in a game, start the second bonus game.

Ninja Quest

Ninja QuestThe bonus consists of a box. When you scratch the same amount twice, you have won that amount. All amounts earned are for you.

Loyalty system:

Promotions and bonus codes on Goldenvegas online betting and betting

Goldenpalace online betting gives up to € 260 welcome gift

welcome to Goldenvegas

Goldenvegas no-deposit 

Goldenpalace online betting gives a 10 € free sign up gift

Choose from the list as a winner of a monthly tournament at Goldenpalace Online Betting.

Goldenvegas 1000 euro bonus for tournaments

Deposit and payment options:

Goldenvegas online casino customer service

the support of Goldenvegas paris online is in English.

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Since 1 January 2011, sites that do not have a Belgian license are considered illegal. By playing on an illegal site, you commit a violation. The online site Goldenvegas online arcade and sports betting has a Belgian legal license F +. If you choose to play on the website Goldenvegas, you will benefit from the protection offered by the Belgian Chancellor’s Commission, such as controlling the reduction of the hourly loss and the redistribution of your bets.

Goldenvegas Ground Playgrounds

Are you already cheating on a real slot machine? Come and play in one of our many gaming halls across the country.

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