Play Live Blackjack Online

Live Blackjack online

Live Blackjack online tries to stay as close to the real casino experience as possible. When you join a casino and play live blackjack, you will see the dealer sitting behind the blackjack gambling table. From here on, the game continues, with the dealer drawing cards from a “physical shoe” (the box from which cards are drawn) and placing them face up for your bet. You will also be able to see the cards of your fellow players. Casino

Basic Rules for Live Blackjack

Contrary to popular belief, the goal of blackjack is not to reach the number 21. While this is the best score in the game, it does not guarantee winnings. if you play online blackjack to make it to 21 every round you will not win much. The most important thing to win is to beat the dealer’s card total – it’s that simple!

Live Blackjack- the value of the cards

  • from 2 to 10 a value equal to their number, so if you get a 5 and an 8, you know your total hand value is 13.
  • The face cards – Jack, Queen, King – are rated at 10.
  • the ace can be one or eleven depending on how it is played and the other cards in your hand. For example, if you draw an ace and a two, the ace is automatically valued at 11, making the total value of the hand 13. However, if you hit a 10 and draw and make the hand value 23, you change the value of the ace to one and avoid the bust.

In-Play capabilities

After your cards have been drawn, you can take a number of different actions. These actions are fundamental to any blackjack strategy, so let’s explore some of them:

  • Hit – Hitting is one of the core game options in live blackjack. Essentially, you ask another card from the dealer to increase the value of your hand. You can do this as many times as you want – just don’t bust!
  • Standing – Standing is the opposite of hitting, in which you refuse another card and hold it with your hand. If you have a natural blackjack (an Ace and a 10 value card) this is the perfect option.
  • Split – To split your hand you must have a few cards – this is a high risk, high reward strategy.
  • Double – Double your first bet in exchange for just one extra card. Once this game has been created you cannot hit again. Keep in mind that you do not have this option at some live casinos
  • Insurance – some live casino lobbies allow you to place an insurance bet, which only becomes available if the dealer draws an ace first card. Basically, you’re betting that their next card is a 10-value card, resulting in a natural blackjack. Casino

Online live Blackjack payouts

Unlike live roulette, blackjack payouts are relatively straightforward.

  • The payout for a live blackjack win is 1: 1, so if you place a £ 5 bet you will get £ 10 back.
  • If you manage to win with a natural blackjack, you will receive a payout of 3: 2, making it the highest return bet in the game.
  • Finally, if you choose to make the insurance bet, you will get a 2: 1 payout if the dealer gets a natural blackjack.

That’s all a beginner needs to know to survive in a game of live blackjack.

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