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Endorphina COMPANY: Endorphina is a B2B software supplier, headquartered in the Czech Republic, offering a full range of gambling games and technical solutions.

TEAM: We are an international team of highly skilled professionals who strive to provide the best gaming experience for players, raising the bar with every game released.

GAMES: Our games are remarkable for the innovative design, functions and integrity of the game. The maths and algorithms are reliably and thoroughly tested.

OPPORTUNITY: Become a member of fast growing company and have the opportunity to create a product valued by players and online casino providers worldwide.


Endorphina games review – Test the Endorphina games 😉



Ancient Troy

Ancient Troy slot inspired by the era of ancient Greece and the myth behind Troy and the Trojan Horse is a 25-line game with free games feature.
It will take players in the realms of an ancient palace where the war, drama, and betrayal took place. You will meet some of the heroes of the myth like invincible Achilles, brave Hector, and charming Helena, who is said to be the most beautiful woman on Earth. Among the symbols spinning on reels, you will be able to see the city of Troy, armor and famous Trojan Horse whose eyes burn with fire and passion for destruction.

The Free Games feature is triggered once 3 or more scatters land on the reels. The player is awarded 10 free spins and very special Troy Jokers that come with x1, x2 and x3 multipliers. The wins can be doubled in the Risk game.

Review Ancient Troy

  • Ancient Troy Bonus


The Trojan Horse is the WILD symbol and substitutes for all others except scatter. Its rewards are the best that the game has to offer, up to 1,000x of the original bet. Helen, Achilles and Hector come in the form of stacked wilds throughout the game.


Slightly less often, the online slot columns in the free spin’s mode are covered by Achilles and Hector, who not only act as wild, but also multiply the earned rewards x2 or x3.

  • About the Bonus modes

Free Spins

Every pokie players favorite bonus is of course Free Spins. In this Ancient Troy slot free spins are won when 3, 4 or 5 City of Troy Scatters land on any of the reels. In addition to an instant cash prize, players win 10 Free Spins with Stacked Wild and Multiplier bonus. Helen, Achilles and Hector come with x1, x2, and x3 multipliers during Free Spins.


Ancient Troy pokies provides a “Gamble” function. When selected after a win, players are presented with a traditional window with cards that double initial win. If you are feeling lucky the game allows you to double your winnings up to 10 times.

Endorphina has really delivered a fun and immersive online slot with an engaging storyline. Ancient Troy delivers an excellent action adventure game that stays true to it’s classical roots.


Lucky Dice 1

Lucky dice 1

Lucky Dice 1 is a 5-reel, 4-row, 40-line game with a dice symbols to ignite a new flame in player’s heart.

This is the very first slot of our Lucky Dice series, made to encapsulate everything you’re familiar with about classic dice and a classic game. However, when the two classics are already untouchable, we decided to put a different spin on things – the addition of Chinese symbols to bring you additional luck right when you need it most. In our Lucky Dice game, you can come across lucky characters like the fierce dragon, bold tiger, and the experienced banker – all set to cater to your luck if you have it!

  • Lucky Dice 1 Overview

Dice have been around for at least a couple of millennia and dice games are popular around the world to this day. There are so many games in this category that there are even local specific variants, such as the Chinese Liar’s Dice or the Gourd Crab Shrimp Fish dice game in Vietnam. So it is small wonder that we have seen more than several games based on dice in the world of online slots.

One such is Endorphina’s Lucky Dice 1. This is a standard reel-set of five reels and four rows that have all the dice in the world spinning towards a potential payout. The different variants of dice, such as those with standard pips and those with Chinese characters, interact towards the potential wins.

The Lucky Dice 1 slot has a total of 40 payines, however, these aren’t fixed, which means the players can select how many they want active during each turn or period of play. This opens up the possibility to select a bet per spin from a very wide range of options. Since Lucky Dice 1 has been optimized for mobile, this game can be taken on the go, on your mobile or tablet device.

  • How to Play Lucky Dice 1 Slot

Set the reels in action with the push of the Spin button. This will set the reels in motion for one turn on the number of selected paylines. The amount of the bet that is spent per each spin can be seen from the Total Bet window which is underneath the second reel.

In order to change the bet use the BET window which is located in the bottom left corner of the page. By clicking once the bet will change its amount, as the setting is for the amount per each payline. In the most inexpensive variant, the bet on the Lucky Dice 1 slot will cost just a penny. That is one penny in the bet window with one active payline on the slot.

The most expensive bet, on the other hand, is only £4.00 and on a coin per line amount of £0.10. This allows anyone to play the game even on the highest bet, or tone down the coin size and still enjoy the reel action on all 40 paylines. Since the bet can be changed very quickly in just a few clicks, the betting invites a dynamic reel action towards the potential big win.

  • How to Win Lucky Dice 1 Slots

Set the game in autoplay mode or hit the Spin button each time you’re making a bet. This is the way to play the game. The symbol wins can be found in the paytable, and this piece of the slot game can be accessed from the menu button, which is in the upper end are.

All of the symbols are dice, as we said, but there are dice of lesser and greater value. The most valuable one is the scatter, and that is the die with Chinese characters that glow golden. This is the Lucky Dice 1 slots scatter symbol and pays £2000.00 when five land anywhere on the reel-set on a bet per line of £0.10 which is the highest wager of £4.00.

This is followed by the red Chinese character die that pays £100.00 when five of the same land on a payline. The rest of the dice pay £30.00, £20.00 and £10.00 in the highest instance of matching symbols. The Wild symbol is there to substitute for all of them, except for the scatter. That symbol is represented by the word Wild on a gold background and a corresponding die.

  • Lucky Dice 1 Bonus Features

The game doesn’t have a bonus feature or any reel modifiers. In that regard it is a classic online slot that delivers the same exciting reel action. The existing of the scatter symbol may suggest there could be Lucky Dice 1 free spins, however, it doesn’t result that kind of bonus, it simply scatters the winnings and is the most lucrative symbol.


Lucky Dice 2

Lucky dice 2

Lucky Dice 2 is a 5-reel, 3-row, 5-line game with a dice theme design to compliment the burning flames. Get ready to level up in our second edition to our classic Lucky Dice slot series. This is a familiar and easy game play for all those who are in love with the old-school vibe. Lucky Dice 2 is letting you test and roll your luck with the additional ambiance, energy and fortune straight from China. Here you can encounter some red and fiery wins as well as the fantastic Chinese symbols that will determine your fate. It’s time to let these red dice help you pick up the spiciest wins.

Lucky Dice 2 Overview

A slot game owes its existence to the experts at Endorphina, has everything to do with dice. The cubes have been present in the lives of people since the dawn of human civilization and even today there are countless games involving one or two or multiple dice, so there is a lot of combination as to what constitutes a winning outcome.

The same is true about the Lucky Dice slots series. Here we have the Lucky Dice 2 slot, which is takes the best of the first game and gives a slight tweak that will fit the preferences of some players.

Unlike the first edition, which was on four reels and five rows, this time we have the most standard of slots layouts, three rows and five reels. Another major difference between this and that game is in the number of paylines. Lucky Dice 2 slot has five selectable paylines, while its predecessor had 40 selectable lines.

What remains is the excellent gameplay and the dice symbols, of which all but one are present in this edition. While we could make use of a Wild symbol in the other game, here we don’t have any wilds at our disposal, but we do have a scatter.

As you can see there are slight variances that make a difference in the gameplay, but this isn’t going to say that this or that game is better than the other. Slots pros will find something which slightly alters the expectations and the possibilities in which the winning outcomes are laid out.

At any rate, the players are game for a top symbol payout of 500x on the biggest wager. So let’s look into the bet amounts and other gameplay details.

  • How to Play Lucky Dice 2 Slot

To set up the game for the play just few things need to be configured. First, the bet per line and second the number of paylines. The first setting requires locating the BET button in the bottom left corner of the game. Here we have values that start at one penny and go up to ten cents per payline.

The Lucky Dice 2 slot has a total of five paylines that are selectable, meaning, the players can choose to play on a single one or five or any number between. To select the active lines use the LINES window underneath the first and second reels and click on it to toggle your preferred number.

And the combination of these settings will produce the amount in the Total Bet window, which sits just underneath the second reel.

The game’s smallest wager is one penny per spin and the biggest bet is £0.50 per spin.

Once ready to set the reels spinning, hit the SPIN button in the bottom right corner of the game. The autospin option is there to offer the players an option to set the reels spinning on their own and deducting the selected bet per spin with each turn.

  • How to Win Lucky Dice 2 Slots

The paytable reveals information about the gameplay and the symbol wins. We’ll take a look at what the winning outcomes can bring to the players for each instance of the most valuable symbols. To access this area select the three-dash line representing the menu button in the upper part of the screen.

The most valuable symbol of the game is the die that has a Chinese symbol instead of the dice pips. Landing in five positions on a payline this symbol brings the Lucky Dice 2 slot payout of £500.00. Next in line are the purple nad the brown dice, paying £50.00 for five on a payline. Next are the four remaining dice, all of which pay £20.00. All of these amounts can be made with the winning outcome of five symbols on a payline on the biggest bet of £0.50 per spin.

  • Lucky Dice 2 Bonus Features

Even though the game does have a scatter symbol, which pays £25.00, there isn’t a bonus feature to be triggered here. In that way, Lucky Dice 2 is very much a retro, classical game. So if there are three or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels, the game will not trigger the Lucky Dice 2 free spins.

The only side feature on the game is the risk game where the players have to get a higher card compared to the dealer. Each correct guess will result in a doubling of the winnings. The game has a Joker which substitutes for any, that is, it is the highest card that trumps any produced by the dealer. By the way, the dealer can’t pull any jokers from his sleeve.


Lucky Dice 3

Lucky dice 3

Lucky Dice 3 is the third and final slot to our Lucky Dice series. At this stage, you’re already familiar with our spicy combo of the classic old-school feel with our fortune-filled dice. Roll your best hand and let’s see what awaits your future. Will it be the greatest win or will you have better luck next time? Roll for yourself and uncover what Chinese symbol is meant for you. You can come across lucky characters like the fierce dragon, bold tiger, and the experienced banker – all set to bring you luck when you need it.

Lucky Dice 3 Overview

Those players who are into classic and retro games, especially such having to do with dice, will know that the Lucky Dice 3 slot has been release as the last installment of the Lucky Dice series. This time around, and unlike the previous two editions, the reel set delivers a truly classical and retro look and feel with its three rows and three reels.

The number of paylines stays 5 as is the case with slots of this layout, and that is the same number such as in Lucky Dice 2. Nevertheless, those who can appreciate a 3×3 arrangement on the reel-set will certainly find this game entertaining and potentially rewarding, with its payouts delivered with three matching symbols on the line, along with the multipliers.

The reel action on the Lucky Dice 3 comes with five always active paylines and there is also the possibility to opt for the risk game following each winning outcome, which provides us the chance to double the winnings and then double each subsequent outcome on that round.

This time around, and unlike the first installment of this game, we don’t get the benefit of a wild symbol, and there isn’t a scatter either, however, there are multipliers of x2 that come in different colors, according to the dice symbols.

  • How to Play Lucky Dice 3 Slot

Before you set the reels spinning on this slot, you should check out the size of the bet, which is displayed in the Total Bet window under the first reel. The value that is in there can be changed by changing the values of the BET, which is to the left of the Lines window, and the number of bets, which is a setting tucked in the upper left corner of the game.

Up there the values start at 0.01 and that is for the coin size. This is the smallest value, while the biggest is one, and that is one coin per the number of times that are selected in the BET setting. So, if you choose 0.5 in the upper left corner and a bet of 1.00, the total bet will be 5.00. It may seem a little bit confusing to new players, but worry not, everything is automated so it is just a matter of playing with these figures, which displays the total bet per spin in the corresponding window.

The bets affect the amounts of the winning outcomes, as is always the case, and that is reflected in the paytable which displays all the symbol wins. To access the paytable hit the three-dash menu button which has a tab for the paytable, in order to view the prizes and information about the gameplay on the Lucky Dice 3 slot.

And if anyone wants to let the game turn its wheels and not interfere in the process, there is the Autospins button, located to the left of the Spin button. This helps to just kick back and relax, however, do mind that each turn will deduct the amount for the total bet that has been specified before selecting this option.

  • How to Win Lucky Dice 3 Slots

The symbol wins in the paytable are displayed according to the selected bet, and since the bets range between one penny and 50 pounds, we will select a value that is a medium bet, that of 5.00 per spin. In the event of three matching symbols on a payline the most valuable symbol is the red dice with Chinese characters on it, paying £750.00.

This symbol is followed by the second Chinese characters dice in yellow color, which pays £200.00, and that one is followed by another pair of dies that pay £60.00.

All of the remaining symbols pay £40.00 except the red dice which pay £5.00. Furthermore, the game has a x2 multiplier that corresponds to one of the dice colors for those that pay £40.00, and these are the purple, ochre, brown and blue dice.

  • Lucky Dice 3 Bonus Features

The game doesn’t have a bonus feature game. So, no free spins or pick-me games, just the good old reel action on three reels and three rows. However, in addition to this there is Risk Game, otherwise known as the Gamble game.

The players can activate the risk game following each win. The button to the game will lit, as well as the button that claims the cash.

The objective of the game is to flip a card that is higher than that of the dealer. The game does deliver a joker, which is stronger than any other card, and the best thing about it is, it can only benefit the player and not the dealer.

The Risk Game has a return to player average of 84.00% which is amazing


Sugar Glider

Sugar glider

Glide your way towards big wins with Sugar Glider!

Get in the slot and witness our furry ninja protecting the woods from evil praying mantis. Stay on his side and you will not regret, Sugar Glider will award you with some solid wins.

Sugar Glider is colorful game with that joyful feeling and incredible lightness. Exotic fruits in vibrant colors will make you wonder how various plants and flowers can be found on the Earth and the same with animal species. Make sure you search for a symbol with praying mantis rolling on the reels, this symbol is Wild and expands during the gameplay. When this happens the real fun begins so watch closely what is about happen!

Glider will have you traveling through the jungle and enjoying its exotic fruits. It’s mostly a fruit themed game, and one that’s very well designed, so there is no real connection there to the classic fruit slots which we’ve seen a lot of times before. Here, the game is designed by Endorphina.

What they decided to do is use 5×3 reels, have them occupy the entire screen almost, but then they added only 10 paylines to them. The game will have decent sized payouts to give away, though at 1,000x the stake one can’t say that they’re amazed at what they can walk away with. You do have a top payout of $100,000 that you might be able to get, while as features they included only expanding wilds, which means that the list looks a bit light. In the end, the 96% RTP is there, same as in every Endorphina game, so it’s still a good pick.


The wagers will vary a lot, and whether you want to spend only $0.01 per spin, or you want to wager $100, both options are available to you, along with plenty of values between those two extremes. You have $0.01 to $10 that you can use per line, using a maximum of 10 coins of $1 for this. There is also the matter of the number of active lines, which you also pick.

The best winning combo will pay 1,000x, or up to $10,000. It’s a good amount, especially with expanding wilds helping out. The next best two symbols will offer up to 500x, so it looks like the sort of game which pays well enough even without features getting involved. Regular wins are the ones bringing you the bulk of the wins, though expanding wilds do help as well.

RTP wise, it’s set at 96%, which is a standard figure for Endorphina’s collection of slot machines.


Don’t go in expecting a lot of great features, this is just not that sort of game. Instead, you get only one symbol with a grasshopper warrior for its image. This is your wild symbol, and a very special one which will expand to neighboring positions. To give you an idea of the way it works, if you have it land in the middle position of reel 3, then it will surround itself with wilds, effectively transforming all three middle reels. Naturally, when you do get this wild to appear and help you, the wins can be huge, with all 10 lines benefiting from it at the same time.

These wilds are replacements for all symbols which Sugar Glider delivers, no exceptions here. On the other hand, you don’t get scatters, free spins or bonus games, like in other slots.


Sugar Glider centers the action around a furry creature of the forest, a local ninja that’s using a boomerang by the looks of it. His enemy appears to be a grasshopper or locust, while the other symbols are wonderfully designed flowers and exotic fruits. It’s a highly enjoyable game, even with the fruit theme.


Voodoo Dice

Voodoo Dice

Hypnotizing 5-reel, 3 row slot will take the players on a journey to the mysterious world of Voodoo magic and spells by its supernatural feel and enchanting sounds – newly represented as symbols on the dice. There is much to say about the dark atmosphere around Voodoo. Apart from the voodoo dolls that we’ve been familiarised with from films, voodoo also represents a religion in itself that originates in Africa. This is where the magic and tales all began. When you dare to play the game with these spirits, you’ll meet the Voodoo man and woman along with a snake, leopard, doll, and raven. These symbols all carry a hidden special power that you’ll see for yourself if you roll them on the dice.

The most important symbol is a Voodoo man that acts as Wild and Scatter, it substitutes for all symbols and triggers Free games feature when 3 Scatters appear on the reels, 10 more free games can be won again during the feature. Any symbols at the winning combination will expand to cover the entire reel during the Free games feature.

  • Voodoo Dice Slot Review

The Voodoo Dice slot game can be found at casinos offering Endorphina software. Endorphina are one of the newer casino software providers on the market but they have managed to gain distribution with some of the largest casino networks currently active within the market. As a standard Endorphina do publish the RTP/House Edge information for their slots games within the game help file or paytables. As a software provider not licensed in the UK, and as such not required to publish this information, this is a significantly player friendly practice. As such we can state that the house edge for the Voodoo Dice slot game is 4.00%.

The Voodoo Dice slot game is a 5 reel slot with reels that are 3 symbols high. Voodoo Dice uses uses 10 paylines, playing from left to right.

  • Special Symbols

Voodoo Dice Scatter and Wild

Voodoo Dice is a slot game that likes to make the most out of very little and in this instance your Wild and you Scatter symbols are the same Voodoo “Witch Doctor” symbol. That means quite a few a things for your “Witch Doctor” symbol:

  • The “Witch Doctor” symbol is the most valuable symbol in Voodoo Dice.
  • The “Witch Doctor” symbol is Wild which means it will substitute for all other symbols in Voodoo Dice.
  • The “Witch Doctor” symbol a Scatter, which means that it doesn’t need to bother with paylines like every other symbol in Voodoo Dice.
  • And finally, the “Witch Doctor” symbol will trigger the Voodoo Dice Free Spins feature if you can land 3 or more of them on the reels in a single spin.

In other words, the “Witch Doctor” symbol is the most important symbol in Voodoo Dice, sitting at the heart of every single thing outside of standard slots spins.

  • Bonus Features

Voodoo Dice Take Risk

Whilst you might not necessarily class this as a bonus feature, it does play a significant role in the gaming experience. With every win you get the chance to try and double your win by trying your luck in a game of “Play Your Cards Right” with the game’s dealer. If you can flip over a card that is higher than the one the dealer is showing you will double your win. Flip a card that is lower than the dealer’s and you lose the lot. This round continues until you either choose to stop gambling or you lose out to the dealer. In the result of a tie, no one wins.

Voodoo Dice Free Spins

3 “Witch Doctor” symbols anywhere on the reels will award you with 10 Voodoo Dice free spins. During the Voodoo Dice Free Spins the “Witch Doctor” symbol is no longer considered Wild.

An additional feature in the Voodoo Dice Free Spins is the inclusion of some expanding symbols. This happens when you form a win, as any of the symbols involved will expand to fill the reels.


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