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Bingoal sports betting

You are chiseled at Literally: sit. Because you do sports betting from your living room via Bingoal sports betting. You gamble in a quiet and familiar environment. That way you make better decisions. And you increase your chances of winning.

Bingoal offers a wide range of choice. You bet on competitions in Belgium, but also elsewhere. And you can put your money on various sports, from football to horse racing. In some sports you can even bet live. Then you still participate while the competition is in progress. You see: plenty of choice. And all for your gaming pleasure.

Gamble in moderation. Enjoy the game.

Bingoal wants players to enjoy the game in the first place, but we also want to point out that irresponsible gambling can cause problems. You do not become addicted to gambling overnight. In any case, gambling will never solve your financial, family or other problems.

Place2bet offers you all the tools to play responsibly. You can find this on the Responsible Gaming page.

Bingoal online sports betting

Freebet and cashback on sports betting

1. A Freebet can only be used on the sporting event or sports events and on the type of bet or types of bets, as stated in the specific rules of the relevant Freebet.

2. With a winning Freebet, only the winnings of the bet are paid and not the virtual stake.

3. The (virtual) stake of the Freebet must always be equal to the full amount of the Freebet.

4. The value of a Freebet cannot be split between different bets.

5. The Freebet or Cashback must be activated to be valid before placing the bet.

6. A Freebet is only valid on single and / or combi, NOT on transfer. No double selections are allowed in combination bets.

7. A combination bet may only contain those matches that meet the conditions of the specific Freebet or Cashback, eg in a combination Freebet on cyclocross all bets must be on cyclocross.

8. A Freebet can only be used once within the period indicated. When the valid period expires without using the Freebet, the Freebet expires.

9. The payout on a Freebet is a maximum of 25,000 euros (the win is the amount won minus the bet).

10. If a single Freebet or a Cashback bet is placed on a selection that is later voided or canceled, the Freebet or Cashback option will be void. For a combination, odds of 1.00 will be paid upon cancellation or cancellation and we refer to our general regulations regarding sports betting: “Regulations”

11. Freebets and Cashback bets will be paid within 24 hours of the announcement of the official result, with the exception of canceled matches that may be played or resumed within 48 hours.

12. A Freebet is not refundable.

13. If the betting limits for the player are below the Freebet value, only the lower betting limit will be applied as Freebet, the balance of the Freebet will be forfeited.

14. In a Cashback bet, only the first placed bet that meets the promotion conditions counts.

15. Only bets with cash (no bonus money) are eligible for a Cashback.

16. Freebets or Cashback bets cannot be used on “higher odds” games.

17. With a Freebet on live bets, a Cash Out is only possible if the Cash Out amount is higher than the value of the Freebet.

18. In addition to the Freebet and Cashback rules, the General Terms and Conditions of Use of Bingoal apply.



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