Binance Exchange

Binance exchange

Binance Exchange is a big exchange that is becoming increasingly popular. It is an exchange, which originated in China, and the first focus was on the Chinese market. Due to new regulations in China, Binance has decided to focus on the rest of the world.
Binance: register:
Before you can start working at Binance, it is necessary to register yourself.
Binance currently accepts new customers TEMPORARILY. Be quick now and register with Binance.

Open an account with Binance for free and buy your favorite crypto-currency!

Register at Binance Exchange

Registering is very easy. You start by entering your e-mail address and password, a reference code is not required.
After you have entered this information, you will receive an e-mail in which you must confirm the whole. Then you can log in directly by entering your details. Binance uses an extra safety measure and you have to solve a puzzle by shifting the puzzle piece. This is easy to do, and in this way they keep the system safe.

Security measure: 2FA
Once you are logged in, you immediately get the question whether you want to secure your account with 2FA. We strongly recommend this extra safety measure, as it is often tried to break into an exchange.
Setting up 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) is very simple. You follow the steps as indicated.

Follow steps 2FA
Step-by-step plan for setting up 2FA at Binance:
• Download ‘google authenticator’ via the google store or appstore ‘
• Scan the code and write down the number you see. You need this code if your phone loses.
• Log in with your binance password + the generated code from ‘google authenticator’, so that you enable (enable) this extra security measure.
If you then want to log in to binance, you will be asked for your password. Immediately afterwards you have to solve the puzzle and finally you have to open the google authenticator app for the password. You enter this 6-digit password. This is ultimately the best way to secure the whole for the safety of your wallet.

Log in to Binance exchange

When logging in, it is important that the url of Binance precedes https: //. If this is not the case, the advice is not to log in. It is possible that you try to log in via a fake URL. Always look closely at this.


When you log in you end up on your own dashboard. You should have secured your account with 2FA if all goes well. From this moment you can act safely.
Before you start trading, it is wise to have your account verified. This is necessary in order to eventually make larger payments. By default you can have the counter value of 2 bitcoin paid out.
By providing a few details, such as your passport or ID, you get the option to pay up to a countervalue of no less than 100 bitcoin. Make sure you fill in the details carefully.
After submitting your data, it may take a while before it is completely approved. Hence the tip to do this on time. Otherwise cut yourself in the fingers if you want to pay a large amount, but your account is not yet verified.

Is Binance exchange reliable?

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world and has all the necessary permits to do this. They do everything to protect personal data, but even more importantly: safely storing all cryptocurrencies. Binance has a good reputation when it comes to safe trading. This exchange has never been hacked.
Deposit to start trading
Before you can start trading, it is necessary to be in possession of one of the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC) or binance coin (BNB). As you can see, there is no way to make money, such as euros or dollars. Suppose you want to use bitcoin in this case to start trading? You follow the following steps:
• Buy bitcoin via litebit or bitonic (if you do not have bitcoin yet).
• Enter the address where you want to send your bitcoin (s). In this case this is to your own wallet at Binance. This can be found by navigating to: funds> deposit / withdrawals
• On this page you search for bitcoin (BTC) and click on deposit (deposit) to the right of bitcoin (BTC).

Make a deposit at Binance Exchange

• You will need the address you need to send bitcoins to Binance. Suppose you send from litebit or bitonic BTC, enter this address.
• After you have sent the transaction to Binance, it will take some time before your BTC appears. You can keep an eye on this by going to funds and then pressing history. There will be your BTC at a given moment. Once ‘completed’, you can start trading.
Trading at Binance: step-by-step plan
Now that you are in possession of one of the basic cryptocurrencies, you can start trading. For this Binance has a very nice overview, in which you can enter your desired crypto coin, then buy it – and sell it at a later stage.
Suppose you have a crypto coin in mind, you can purchase this via the following steps:

• Go to exchange and click on basic. Once you have clicked, you arrive at the trading platform
• Suppose you want to trade in, for example, ‘’, first look for the abbreviation of ‘’. In this case, that is POE.
• Binance works with abbreviations, so you type this abbreviation in the search window (top right)
• Then you see all the data regarding ‘’. Here you can see what the last price is, everything is shown in graphs.
• To purchase, you have to look at the bottom left of ‘buy’. By default, it is on buy (buy) at a set limit. The amount you want to spend on verge must be entered in BTC value. In the tables on the left you see what people want to pay for a price (in green) and in what amount they sell (in red).
Purchase via limit
• You can decide for which price you want to buy (in this case). You set this up by specifying a limit and then the desired number of pieces.
• What is also easy is that binance has the option to purchase a% of BTC as a purchase. You only have to click on the different percentages here.

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