Belgian Croky Cup between Club Brugge and Antwerp

Belgian Croky Cup between Club Brugge and Antwerp

Belgian Croky Cup between Club Brugge and Antwerp

The Belgian Croky Cup final will be played on Saturday, August 1, 2020. On Place2bet you will find out which bookmakers you can bet on this Croky Cup final. Lots of fun!

Initially, the final of the Belgian Croky Cup between Club Brugge and Antwerp should have taken place on March 22, but that was not possible due to the corona pandemic. Because the Security Council decided at the beginning of this month that professional sports were not allowed until July 31, August had to be looked at.

At the Pro League General Assembly on May 15, it was agreed that the cup final and the return of the 1B promotion final would be finalized, if possible. The weekend of August 1 and 2 was moved forward, because the cup final had to be completed before August 3. That is the deadline that UEFA imposes for passing on the European tickets. The cup final winner goes straight to the Europa League group stage. This is especially important for Antwerp! Club may play the group stage of the Champions League as national champion.

Betting on the Croky Cup final

Sports betting is extremely popular in Belgium. And that has only increased since the online bookmakers offer live bets. You can bet live on sports such as tennis, ice hockey and of course football. The principle works the same: you bet money on, for example, a profit or loss for the home team. Only you don’t place that bet before the whistle, but during the match. That is exactly what makes online gambling on sports extra exciting. After all, you can react immediately if a player gets injured or if the football team does not perform as well as you expected.

Online bookmakers select a number of matches every day that you can bet on live. Usually these are matches from the highest leagues. Football includes the Premier League, the German Bundesliga and of course the Jupiler Pro League. The advantage is that you don’t necessarily have to sit in the stands to participate in these live sports betting. Part of the selected matches can be followed by the bookmakers via a free live stream.

For those who want to know more about sports betting: some concepts

  • Fixed Odds

When you place a sports bet with fixed odds, the odds are set before the match starts.

  • Exchange betting

An exchange betting is a sports bet that is placed between two players. Exchange betting follows the principle of supply and demand. Person A offers a match and Person B responds by accepting and placing the bet. The intermediary who organizes the bet receives a commission.

  • Handicap betting

In a handicap bet, a bookmaker will give the party that is known as less well ahead. For example, in a football match, team A is the strongest, team B is less likely to win the match. The bookmaker gives team B the following handicap: 0: 2. This means that team B already gets 2 goals anyway. For example, if the result is 2: 1, those two extra goals are added to the score, making the final score 2: 3. Whoever bets on team B wins the bet.

  • Live betting

In Live betting you can bet on certain elements of the match when the match is in progress. The advantage of this is that you can place a bet up to the very last minute. This is useful, because not every game goes the way you wanted it to. Maybe you had not counted on a certain replacement of your favorite striker? Maybe the painted winner of the last tour ride doesn’t have such good legs today?

Sports Betting in Belgium

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